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Node Video MOD APK v6.50.1 (Lifetime Member)

Node Video MOD APK v6.50.1 (Lifetime Member)

Updated: 22-07-2024 (1 day ago)
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About Node Video MOD APK

It’s time for you to show off your video editing talents with Node Video MOD APK. No need for a computer, you can do advanced video editing right on your mobile device. The MOD version that we provide is suitable for all types of Android devices. It will unlock all features without paying, users are free to use any tool they want. Unlimited download of HD quality videos. The highlight of this application is that every feature is provided in great detail. Adjust even the slightest movement, dimmers, and color with countless color codes. That is also the reason why Node Video has attracted 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store. Quickly download and explore!

Unique cutting and compositing tools

You won’t find in any other application such a detailed set of tools as Node Video. Each feature when you touch will appear a combination of adjustment buttons. Do not force users to use filters according to fixed patterns, but encourage you to be creative. By providing color correction loops, contrast graphs or color separations, adding light reflection angles, you can create thousands of videos with a new style. Explore the 3D Renderer function, which transforms your video into beautiful continuously moving 3D objects on the screen.

Advanced editing features

Just like Photoshop software for phones, users can also cut objects to fit it into other frames. For example, select an image of yourself and apply the automatic portrait cropping tool. It recognizes people and creates automatic cutting contours. Manually edit more if the cut is not as you want. When finished, merge the cut into another video and edit as usual. Node Video provides users with impressive opening and transition templates. Creating themed videos has never been so easy.

Professional application interface

Node Video is designed with an interface but shows the professionalism of an advanced photo editing application. The black background helps the feature buttons and videos to be displayed on the screen in the clearest way. Although many tools are integrated on the screen, the arrangement is very clear, not confusing for users at all. Users can also add strokes on the video itself, adjust the time for the strokes. In other words, you can use a moving video like an animated film.

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