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Obd Mary Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) is a smart vehicle inspection application that helps users to detect its potential problems. You can keep your car well maintained by the warnings they give you. In addition, you can also control the trips through parameters such as average speed, fuel consumption… to suit the situation.

It’s great that drivers can now monitor the condition of their vehicles with Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner Mod APK. Users use this application to check their car on a regular basis and control the measurements in the car to maintain their car in the best way. Install it now to be able to track your vehicles.


It is very difficult to know the condition of the inside of your car without any fixed parameters, so Obd Mary will give those parameters. The things that are hidden deep inside that you can’t directly measure, now the application will do it for you easily, based on the results given by the application to be able to check the status of your device vehicle.

Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner & dashboard on ELM327Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner & dashboard on ELM327

Regular inspection will help you know the condition of your vehicle, whether it is working well or having potential problems inside, thereby helping you to protect your vehicle well. Problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye can have unpredictable consequences, so everything needs regular inspection and maintenance.


Obd Mary is a very easy-to-use application; you just need to connect Bluetooth to be able to connect to it. This is suitable for everyone, from those who are not good at technology or those who already know about it, can install and use it. From now on, everyone can check the condition of their own car without having to ask someone else.

Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner & dashboard on ELM327Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner & dashboard on ELM327

In addition to Bluetooth, users can also connect their car to the application via wifi, which is very easy to do anyone can do it. The application has created a lot of conditions for users to make good use of the application for checking their vehicles, so don’t hesitate install it now to best protect your car.


Errors can be very small and difficult to detect, if not detected in time, it will have big consequences. Obd Mary was born to be able to detect the smallest errors in a timely manner, if your car has any problems, it can promptly notify you. This is truly a smart app that any driver should have.


In addition to checking your car, you can also control your trips through Obd Mary. Users can change the parameters of the ruler such as changing the size, color, position of the stroke, arrows, text, labels, background,… to easily track their trip. Changing them will make it easier for you to see and be changed according to each person’s own preferences.

Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner & dashboard on ELM327Obd Mary – OBD2 car scanner & dashboard on ELM327

In addition, you can also know the gas consumption, fuel or time of the trip, average speed so you can control them safely. These parameters will help you to control your vehicle in moderation. Information about trips will be recorded so you can check when needed.

Obd Mary can be said to be a vehicle companion that you cannot do without. It helps you keep your vehicle safe by detecting potential problems in time. In addition, it also helps you track your trip through indicators such as average speed, fuel consumption, … so you can control them in a balanced way.

Some Key Features:

  • The application allows users to detect hidden problems deep inside to take timely measures.
  • Users can check parameters that are normally difficult to measure, so the app will make it easier for you.
  • Users can connect Bluetooth or wifi to be able to use the application; it’s easy for everyone.
  • The application allows you to change the trip parameters to suit your style.
  • Users can know trip details such as average speed when moving, the amount of gas you have consumed… to balance them.

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