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Shazam MOD APK is one of the top music search apps available today. Click on the link we provide below to download the latest MOD version of Shazam to your Android device.

About Shazam MOD APK

Surely in the world you will often encounter situations like not remembering the name but only remembering the melody of a childhood song, or accidentally listening on the street to hear good music but don’t know what song it is. Foreseeing that, the publisher Apple, Inc. has launched Shazam application on both iOS and Android platforms. Thanks to its powerful features and accurate results, Shazam has become the leading application in finding music the fastest. With an impressive download number of more than 500 million hits and millions of positive reviews, surely you have no doubts about this app yet?

Salient features in Shazam

The Shazam application was developed based on the idea of ​​the story between Billy Batson and the god Shazam. When fighting, Billy just needs to name this god and he will instantly transform into the powerful Shazam. And this Shazam app is the same thing, you just need to give the app some suggestions and Shazam will pay you the song title right away.

The usage is also extremely simple, you just need to touch the app’s icon and then place the phone close to the source of the music. In less than ten seconds, Shazam will return you with almost absolute accuracy including the song title, artist name, and album. The only condition is that you need an Internet connection.

Sometimes you have no need to search for music or have no good music ideas, you can still surf Shazam. Because this application will go through the search history to filter out the songs suitable for you. You can listen to them, maybe find a good song?

1. Auto Shazam

Auto Shazam is an enhancement that allows the app to automatically detect tracks in the background. You just need to install this mode, even when you are off the device, the application can automatically search and recognize song and artist names. All that data will be automatically updated to My Shazam.

2. Pop-up Shazam

Sometimes you surf the web, on social media, and come across videos that are filled with impressive lyrics. However, you cannot find information about that song. Finding information about the melody in the video is the job of Pop-up Shazam. You just need to install and let the application run in the background, it will continuously update information about your device.

3. Offline mode

Most of the time, Shazam works online, but there are some features that you can use even while offline. However, they are not as accurate as when connected to the network.

4. Play music and share it with friends

After finding the music you love, you can always play it on Spotify or Youtube,… This saves time, is much faster and more convenient. Make a list of favorite songs and share them with friends and relatives through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… Do not hesitate to share with everyone to share the passion. Love it!

5. Professional interface

The features in Shazam are designed and arranged scientifically, making it easier for users to find and access. In addition, the application also provides Dark Mode to reduce battery consumption, avoid eye strain for the user.

Download Shazam MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android

Shazam is one of the most popular applications today thanks to its large database, support for multiple operating systems as well as highly accurate results. Shazam is currently incubating an image search project to enhance the user experience. If you are looking for a music search app, don’t miss out on Shazam.

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