2 2 2 Mod APK v3.6.1 (Menu, God, Frozen, Skin Unlocked)

App Name 2
Mod Features Menu, God, Frozen, Skin Unlocked
Version 3.6.1
Size 122M
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The latest 2 MOD APK version for Android mobile devices has been officially released. A game of the Arcade genre suitable for all ages from 3 and up. 2 is designed with quite simple content but is extremely attractive to players. You will control a dot of your color and capture the most territory. Imagine you are holding a crayon to paint on white paper. Be as fast as you can to make your colors the majority. And of course, there will also be competitors around who are doing the same job as you. You have to stop them or be blocked. When successfully blocking the opponent, they will disappear on the map, the territory they have painted also turns white, and you have another opportunity to expand your territory. If you want to have an immortal life or slow down your opponent to increase your chances of victory, then our MOD version is a perfect choice. God Mode and Freeze feature helps you quickly get to the top.

About 2 MOD APK

Have you heard the game name It is a relatively famous game in the community of game lovers. If you love that gameplay but want to try something new, let me introduce you to 2. These two games are not entirely similar because 2 has more exciting points. Instead of controlling a snake and getting more extensive, you handle a colored block and take up as much space on the map as possible. The first version of was a huge success and received a lot of praise. Up to now, the game of the publisher VOODOO has been released for the second season with many new updated features that promise to bring you great entertainment moments. Besides, the graphics of the latest version are also significantly improved compared to the first part.

Take as much territory as you can

The gameplay of 2 is straightforward; even if you have never participated, you can understand it immediately. Each player will appear with a different representative color such as red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, … You are allowed to choose the color you want, not only that when you level up higher, You can also use different shaped design blocks. A sandwich moving on the map is funny. Then choose a random match, and 2 puts you on another map where there will be players who are already playing or just starting just like you. But that doesn’t matter because you can completely capture more territory quickly. You need to create for yourself an intelligent move and promptly seize the opportunity when you see the gaps or color space of the opponent that is not guarded.

Defeat the opponent

You can’t just go around looking for spaces. To get more territory, you must rush. They can master tactics and take down the enemy even though they have a larger land area. The advantage of being small is that you move faster. It is entirely possible to create traps for the enemy to enter and suddenly circle so they can’t react. In addition, you should also note that do not move too far because it is challenging to complete a round with a higher rate of land reoccupation. You should carry each game with a moderate area. Slowly but surely brings more significant opportunities.

Enroll on the leaderboard

Each level, 2 will create leaderboards for players to compete with each other. The order is subject to constant change. The top players will display the crown on their moving block. It’s cool, isn’t it? If you also want your name to appear at the top of the rankings, you need to have a solid playing strategy for yourself. In addition, flexible movement is also an advantage. Soon you will see a crown on your head. Note that the rating is only calculated for each level. If you start another story, the other ranking will not be applied.

Easy to use interface 2 doesn’t need a dashboard, and what you need is to keep and transfer your blocks. Therefore, the game interface is highly intuitive easy for players to grasp. In the game screen, the top of the screen also appears different indicators such as the percentage of land that the top 3 people are occupying and the percentage of land you currently have. If you’re playing in team mode, there’s a minimap showing which colors are dominant.

Beautiful graphics

Despite being a simple game, 2 pays excellent attention to its graphics. Beautifully designed 3D images. In terms of color, it’s off the table because this is a game that distinguishes between players by color. Of course, it’s very diverse and has both light and dark colors. No part is redundant, all designed with minimalism to inspire players. Let’s quickly become the one with the largest territory.

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