Jackal Squad
Jackal Squad

Jackal Squad Mod APK v0.0.1484 (Unlimited Coins)

App Name Jackal Squad
Mod Features Unlimited Coins
Version 0.0.1484
Size 159M
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Jackal Squad MOD APK is an action-adventure shooter game, players will be involved in fierce battles to rescue teammates imprisoned by the enemy. The latest MOD version of Jackal Squad has been updated by us under the article, please download and install it to receive huge benefits.

About Jackal Squad MOD APK

In the modern game store, games with gameplay and graphics like Jackal Squad are really rare. If you’ve been a fan of games with pixel & bit graphics on consoles and older phones running .jar files, you’re no stranger to Jackal Squad’s gameplay and graphics.

Jackal Squad has very simple gameplay, you can quickly catch up on the first experience. The player’s job is simply to move your jeep to avoid bombs from enemies and pick up items dropped from enemy bases, then save teammates trapped in enemy territory.


Jackal Squad is inspired by the developer from World War 2, 1945. Jackal Unit is an elite group of commandos, specially trained to do dangerous missions. This unit consists of 4 soldiers, with enough experience and ability to survive and fight on any battlefield. Your team must take on the task of driving an armed jeep into enemy territory to rescue their allies.

Your main task in this war is to attack the enemy bases and rescue the ally being held. Your job is to focus on controlling the Jeep and dodging bullets, missiles, bombs… from enemies. As for the attack, the machine gun will fire bullets completely automatically and independently. Moreover, every bullet fired will chase the enemy and surely hit the target.

World War II is entering its fiercest days. Let Jackal Squad help you return to the fiercest days.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of Jackal Squad is extremely simple. You just hold and drag the control gyro to move your tank. Around your car, there will be a moving circle at the same time. This circle represents the maximum radius the machine gun can hit. Want to attack any building, you just need to move so that the building, the enemy army… are within that limited circle.

Jackal Squad MOD APK for Android

But you also need to note, as soon as you get close to the enemy’s building, you will be attacked again. Be prepared to dodge bullets, even rockets.

Various types of weapons

Jackal Squad has a lot of different weapons, diverse in genre and style. There are works inspired by the second world war such as a few thermonuclear centers, soldiers, bomb-dropping planes… Some works are completely created by the publisher. Not only competitors, you also have a lot of vehicles to choose from.

In a real war, jeeps are not enough to fight on all battlefields. Players can collect coins and upgrade their cars to make them more powerful. Then continue to destroy the enemy base, collect loot and upgrade power.

Many different levels of play

Jackal Squad has a lot of diverse levels with many different scenes for players to choose from. Maybe the war took place on hills, plains, mountains… even at sea. The publisher also promises to update more features and new game screens.

Classic graphics

Jackal Squad uses classic pixel & bit graphics. One of the types of graphic design that helps bring video games to the world-known and loved. Although used more than 60 years ago, pixel & bit style graphics still retain their appeal and are used by many popular games to this day. The game that once made the gaming world crazy, Flappy Bird, also uses Pixel & bit graphics.

Jackal Squad MOD APK Download

Jackal Squad possesses bright and fresh tones, action scenes without gore, so it is suitable for children aged 7 and up.


The vibrant sound of Jackal Squad is also one of the attractions for players. The sound effects when attacking, moving are very special. The background music is extremely vibrant that will keep you hooked and the game is not good at all.

Although it has just been released to the trial version, Jackal Squad has attracted thousands of players to experience it. The developer also promises to update many more unique and attractive new levels. So what are you waiting for without downloading immediately Jackal Squad MOD APK to your device via the link below the article and experiencing it right now?

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