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PetrolHead MOD APK v5.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

PetrolHead MOD APK v5.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 24-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Download PetrolHead Mod APK – The peak driving simulation game for Android. The driving experience is completely identical to reality when sitting in the position of a real steering wheel. In the MOD version, you will have unlimited money used to unlock the supercars, luxury cars in the garage.

About PetrolHead MOD APK

In this article, we want to give players the MOD APK version of PetrolHead. You will own a huge amount of money to help unlock the cars in the garage simply without spending much effort to collect money by the play the game.

PetrolHead is a driving simulation game released by Lethe Studios. In the game, players will experience the most realistic driving. Perhaps you can hardly earn a simulation game that is so realistic and detailed. Download PetrolHead right now to join the driving experience and complete the tasks available.


Join the game, players will improve their driving skills. You will be driving expensive cars. Enjoy the feeling of driving a real car with real start and control actions. When starting the game, you need to start the car with the Start button, then buckle the seatbelt. Start pushing the throttle so the car can move forward. You can also control the car back or forward as you like. Moreover, the car’s lighting system is also equipped for players to turn on and off in many different weather conditions.

There are 2 driving modes for players that are using the steering wheel or control by tilting the phone. Moreover, there are two main views that are the first when you sit in the driver’s seat and third view. Your car is also equipped with 360 cameras so that the driver can see the rear and the side of the vehicle.

Driving is the job that players need to learn to master the skills when acquainted with a car. However, the main task that the game gives you is to perform the entire task on the map. Make sure to park your car exactly in the car park without colliding with other cars. The whole driving job is so realistic simulation that you feel like driving a real car.

Supercar collection

Join the game, you will admire the expensive cars in the world. These cars are divided by type and price. Including Hatchback, Sedan, Sport, Suv, Luxury, Classic, Supersport, and Leaderboard. The garage system consists of 80 cars designed meticulously, slick. You can also customize your vehicle to change colors, decals, and upgrade the engine. You will have the opportunity to own the dream car by completing the tasks on the map to receive money to unlock the car. What is better than owning a favorite car driving in the city with everyone’s admiring gaze?


PetrolHead owns a glossy 3D graphics background. The details are designed on the car and the landscape is meticulously elaborated. The game simulates the design of many car manufacturers around the world. You will easily come across a Rolls Rolls, Mercedes-Benz or even a Lamborghini. Simulations of motor sounds are also extremely realistic. Players will hear the howling of the expensive supercars.

Download PetrolHead MOD APK for Android

This All-in-one pack contains the original, mod and cache at the same time and all this is packed into one apk file. Just install the apk file as usual, and the cache will decompress automatically. Then, at the first start, you will be able to independently select the type of game (original or mod). After the first launch, it is impossible to change the type of game.

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