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PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer APK v0.23.9 (Latest Version) Download

PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer APK v0.23.9 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 05-07-2024 (2 weeks ago)
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PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer
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PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer APK (PUB GFX TOOL) is an application that allows customizing graphics settings to optimize PUBG Mobile game.

Introduce about PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer

Surely you here have played, or heard of, the PUBG Mobile game. An extremely famous survival shooter game that attracts hundreds of millions of players around the world. However, many gamers have had bad experiences with the game’s graphics. For example, the game is still very jerky even though you are on the lowest graphics level. Or your phone can completely increase the graphics level higher, but PUBG Mobile does not allow you to do that,…

All of the above experiences are not so good because PUBG Mobile gives you too little customizations of the game graphics. This is where PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer comes into play. This application gives you many different customizations about game graphics. From there, comfortably optimize the game to best suit your device.

This application is released by Trilokia Inc, a company specializing in developing applications to optimize phone performance, making the gameplay smoother and more comfortable. It can be seen that Trilokia Inc is very fond of PUBG Mobile gamers when PUB GFX TOOL is the optimal application made specifically for PUBG Mobile.

Convenient to use

PUB GFX TOOL is designed with a simple interface. Along with the FAQ, the system contains many useful configuration tips. You can easily use it even if you are not tech-savvy.

This application also supports many different versions of PUBG Mobile, please note that choosing the Game Variant item right with your version of PUBG Mobile. The application is super light, only about 2MB, and compatible with all Android 4.0 and above devices. Especially PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer provides the option to install shortcuts on the screen, a feature that does not appear on the free version of PGT. Ie you do not need to open PUB GFX TOOL, select “Apply”, then the game will be optimized. Just press the preset shortcut, you can open the game immediately with the graphics configuration installed before.

Unlimited customization

With so many different options and no rules to choose from, you can customize the game to best suit your phone. Once customized, click “Apply”, then you can restart PUBG Mobile and enjoy your results. The gaming experience will definitely change markedly. Unfortunately, the customization does not bring a better experience, PUB GFX TOOL also offers the option to restore the settings to default so you can perform optimization.

Safe and secure

PUB GFX TOOL is not a cheat software that simply helps optimize the game. So, you can use peace of mind without worrying about being locked out of your account.

MOD APK version of PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer

Even with the great features of PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer, you only have to spend about $1 to be able to use it officially from Google Play. However, if you are still wondering about the quality, as well as the compatibility of the application on your phone, choose our PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer MOD APK. PGT Pro MOD has unlocked all the features of PGT Pro and can be downloaded for free.

MOD features

  • Improved memory usage
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Save energy
  • Create application shortcuts

Download PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer MOD APK for Android

Download, use and let us know your opinion and experience about the PGT Pro MOD APK app right below the comments section. And if your experience is already great, why don’t we give the developer $1 so they can launch even more great features?

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