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Photo Lab MOD APK v3.13.17 (Pro Unlocked)

Photo Lab MOD APK v3.13.17 (Pro Unlocked)

Updated: 13-07-2024 (7 days ago)
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Photo Lab PRO APK is an extremely powerful photo editing application for mobile phones. All will be done with just a few simple taps.


Photo editing is a great job. No matter how many flaws a picture has, or it is already good, it will be raised to a new level through the hands of the photo editor. Because of the importance of this stage, those assigned to the task always need to have a good aesthetic eye, knowledge of painting, photography, and work experience, using professional applications. This is definitely not an easy job for an amateur to use, and no matter what, the work is not really good. Therefore, simpler photo editing applications were born, which include some main tools, easy to manipulate. Amateurs are encouraged to use such apps. However, it also has a problem that if you make simple work, it will take less effort than professional people. But if it is complex work, the effort will be many times more than professional people, even unable to do it. This requires further improvement in photo editing applications. Photo Lab PRO is one of the best-known applications for the power of editing.


In the main interface of the application, you will see a lot of different photos, divided into 3 tags. The first card contains the photos most frequently used, the second contains the pictures that have recently emerged, the third contains the photos you have used. Select a photo from any of the 3 tags, but not for viewing, but to apply the effect of that photo to your photo automatically. After choosing the effect from the desired photo, you choose a photo available in your gallery. Wait a moment to apply effects, now you have a photo with beautiful effects, complex, sure to be extremely unique, and a difficult topic for professional photo editors.


Sample images with pre-applied effects are divided into 3 tags as introduced. There are many unique, fancy effects that you may not have seen before such as flashes, glitches, noise, portraits,… They can be in many forms such as still images or GIF animations. In addition, after applying effects to your photo, you can also add text, edit parameters such as applied level, color, contrast,… on the photo to get works like Italy. What’s so cool is that all these intricate effects won’t have to be saved on your own phone. It is saved on the application servers, and when you want to use any effect, it is immediately downloaded and used. This makes the application more compact in your phone memory.


After the editing is over, and you’ve got a photo you like. You can store that picture in a memory file, so it can take it anywhere you want. Or the share button directly in the application will help you link to famous social networks, immediately share your newly released work with your friends and relatives.


This app is currently available for a fee on Google Play, you will have to pay about $ 10 to own, download and experience the app. Of course, this price also includes the entire huge effect pool of the app, and it’s still being updated daily. However, if you do not have a big wallet, but still want to experience the application, please use our Photo Lab PRO APK. The version is no different from the original, only it is released to you for free.


More than 500,000 people have accepted the price of $10 to use the app, and most of them give very good feedback with 4.7/5 ratings on Google Play. What about you, if you have a good experience, are you willing to pay for this app or not. Whether or not the answer is yes or not, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section of the article.

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