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Download Candy Camera MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) latest for Android to bring the best selfies right on your phone.

Candy Camera MOD APK

Today, photography is an indispensable need of people. We travel, visit places with beautiful landscapes, or simply want to capture a beautiful starry sky with a clear blue background and floating white clouds, all of which are stored. through the camera. Not everyone buys them for bulky cameras to take snapshots of great moments, but simply a person owning a phone with a good camera that also enough to serve the needs of capturing and posting to social networking sites like Instagram or Facebook quickly through a few clicks. Isn’t that more convenient?

On top of that, a good camera is not enough, today there are many photo-taking apps that allow us to apply makeup directly on the phone screen whenever we forget to make up. You will not have to wear makeup as often as you intend to hold the camera up for a selfie or store happy moments with friends. That requires a professional selfie camera app and Candy Camera is the name we want to introduce to users. You can safely use it for taking selfies with the best quality photos for posting on social networks.

The great advantages are on Candy Camera

Referring to a photo capture application, users are often interested in color filters that are different from other applications and produce high quality so that the selfies are not broken every time they want to post on social networks to show off with friends. Therefore, Candy Camera gives users bright and eye-catching color filters, interesting stickers to transform on your face. Moreover, with Candy Camera’s intuitive interface, you can easily switch color filters and see the results live on the live view (in real-time) to see the change in your face. Moreover, the development team is always updating and creating new color filters to bring them to users. It brings a great experience for users every time they want to have a selfie like that to show them to their friends on social networks. That’s just the beginning, the features we introduce below will make you even more satisfied.

Photo filters and stickers

Candy Camera MOD APK

Candy Camera gives users a series of special filters for selfies, and this is also a reliable selfie tool for women. Every filter on Candy Camera makes your skin look great. You can view its filters and changes directly by swiping left or right on the screen and find the perfect filter for your face. Moreover, you can also mark a color filter on the favorites list, which saves your time choosing the right filter for your preference.

The huge collection of stickers that the developer brings to the user every holiday season and trend, also makes your photos more trendy than any other time. You can spend hours choosing hundreds of cool stickers to decorate your selfie. You can choose from cute stickers for selfies and art stickers for photo taking. Each sticker can be resized by zooming with two fingers on the screen. You can also stack stickers on top of each other or combine multiple stickers for a satisfying photo.

Beauty features

Candy Camera MOD APK

Besides being a great selfie camera, this app also offers other premium tools that are only available on professional photo editing tools. Slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara … all wrapped up in one great photography app. You can even change your facial structure to become a different person. Take advantage of these tools to enhance your selfies more beautifully.

Photo collage

Like some other photo capture and editing apps, Candy Camera allows you to stitch multiple photos together into one, identified by a dividing line. You can also change the size of the separator border to make it most natural. Up to 9 photos you can stitch at the same time, with this feature, you can easily create beautiful memories of yourself or pictures with family, friends…

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