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Pocket Town Mod APK v1.0.322 (Free Ads)

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App Name Pocket Town
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Version 1.0.322
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The latest Pocket Town MOD APK version for Android mobile devices has been officially released. This is an educational game so it is suitable for all ages from three and up. When participating, players can experience many interesting activities like in our daily lives. Play as a cute cartoon character who builds a town with his friends. Starting from collecting minerals to building houses, shops, interior design according to personal preferences. There are also many minigames with interesting gifts waiting for you to discover. You will learn everything that happens around you in the most natural way.


Pocket Town takes the image of all the characters as a cute little cat. For new players joining for the first time, you will be guided to choose a character, these cats have different coat colors such as black, yellow, white, red. Then there are instructions on how to choose accessories for the character, you can add colorful hair, costumes, eyeglasses and even a pair of wings. Your character also needs to be taken care of carefully, which is spending time bathing for it. During the game, you can choose to change characters at any time, but you will have to spend some money. The characters can interact with each other using emoticons.


In order to have a stable life, of course we must have a shelter. Pocket Town does not give you everything available, you have to go and exploit enough resources to build your own house. For example, go cut wood, break rocks, reach the required amount, you can build the house you want. We also need food. Buy yourself a fishing rod and go to the ponds, lakes and rivers to fish. Then bring it back to your kitchen and start making delicious dishes.


In order for players not to get bored, Pocket Town also creates interesting activities besides everyday life. Minigames with random player participation. For example, a car race with a homemade car, you choose the wheel shape you want and then control this car to the finish line. Or 1vs1 tennis, each person has 3 lives and each time for the opponent to score, you will lose one turn. These games all have leaderboards, the higher the rank, the more rewards.

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