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Super product Pokémon UNITE will definitely not be out of choice for gamers who love Pokemon games. This is a big project by The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios made by Tencent Games, promising to bring players authentic and exciting experiences.

About Pokémon UNITE

The craze about Pokemon has never cooled down, which has helped Pokémon UNITE as soon as it was announced to have received a lot of positive reactions and expectations from the community. Not disappointing the expectations of the fans, Pokémon UNITE with team strategy gameplay has conquered most players, even the most difficult ones.

Attractive strategic gameplay

Pokémon UNITE is a MOBA game with 5 vs 5 combat, which means you will form a 5-member pokemon team and go against other opponents. In regular Pokémon UNITE matches, there is a time limit (usually 10 minutes), so your goal will be to defeat all pokemon to get the highest score. Very simple, right? But in reality, the battles in Pokémon UNITE require more thinking and strategy than that.

Not only do you set up a strategy that matches the attributes of the pokemon you own, but you also have to consider the opponent’s lineup so that you can win the fastest. Initially, pokemon can only use 2 basic skills, but when you get to a higher level (level 4 and above), you can upgrade the basic skill with another skill to increase the fighting power. Utilizing and combining skills to support each other between pokemon also makes your attack power increase significantly.

Before entering Pokémon UNITE, you can also choose to create your trainer character. Select gender (male or female) with distinct faces, shapes, and lots of hairstyles.

Large map

If you’ve ever played League of Legends, you’ll probably find it quite familiar when you play Pokémon UNITE. Because most of the maps in Pokémon UNITE are inspired by popular MOBA games but have been modified to look more natural and wild. The map is divided into two sides, corresponding to two different teams. Each team will have five points corresponding to the position of the team members. Be careful and protect these points if you don’t want victory to fall into the hands of your opponent. There is also a minimap where you can search for team scores.

Rich Pokemon system

Pokémon UNITE offers players more than 20 types of pokemon available such as Absol, Eldegoss, Pikachu, Cinderace, Blastoise, Alolan Ninetails,… Each pokemon will have its own advantages and disadvantages, these characteristics are also directly related to locations on the battle map. If you find the right place for them, they will bring out their full potential and vice versa. You can also hunt wild pokemon and tame them to be yours.

The special feature of Pokémon UNITE is that you not only fight but also play as a trainer. Each pokemon in Pokémon UNITE starts from zero, through battles your pokemon will gain experience and level up. Each time they level up, they will have the opportunity to unlock new fighting techniques and different abilities that increase their fighting power. Especially when evolving, they also have a new shape and much higher strength.

The equipment shop in Pokémon UNITE does not have items that the player can buy and use in battle. You will only see and buy new character cards, skins for each Pokemon, or special skins.

Become a great pokemon trainer

Tired of the battles on the island of Aeos with random trainers, you can participate in ranked matches. Here gather great coaches from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself, unleash the true power of pokemon, and earn points to climb the global leaderboard. More than that, this is a chance to experience rubbing and you will get a lot of experience and new strategies from other players.

Realistic graphics

Besides the attractive tactical gameplay, the graphics are also one of the most attractive points of Pokémon UNITE. This game is designed and built on a 3D platform with true, clear colors and details. When participating in this game, you seem to have lost in the colorful fantasy world of pokemon, both wild and brilliant. Motion and effects are very eye-catching, bringing a smooth feeling when playing. The character model and skills are all close to the original game, so they are favored by fans. It can be said that in terms of graphics of Pokémon UNITE, there is nothing to criticize anymore.

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