Project Clean Earth
Project Clean Earth

Project Clean Earth Mod APK v1.16 (Unlimited Money, God, VIP) Download

App Name Project Clean Earth
Mod Features Unlimited Money, God, VIP
Version 1.16
Size 120M
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Project Clean Earth Mod APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Unlocked VIP) is a role-playing game released by the manufacturer 1N1. With unique classic-style graphics, in this game you will play the role of the character Bernard, your mission is to destroy the mutant monsters that are ravaging the Earth to bring back a peaceful human life. Project Clean Earth promises to bring exceptional experiences to players.

Role-playing save the world

Participating in Project Clean Earth, you will be transported to a completely new and mysterious world. The earth you live on is radioactive and ravaged by radioactive people. You appear as a savior of the Earth with the task of playing the role of Bernard – humanity’s ultimate weapon and also the only one who can save the Earth at this time. Your mandatory task is to complete the Purge the Mutants project in the game – join the fight to destroy all radioactive creatures that are destroying the earth to return a peaceful life to the Earth. Let’s be strong to transform into a hero to save the world.

Equip a variety of weapons

Project Clean Earth will provide you with a variety of weapons and combat vehicles. Your task is to choose the right weapons for your strategy to bring high efficiency in combat. A variety of modern vehicles for you to choose from such as drones, relic items, … Or you can equip yourself with some combat items such as guns, bullets, bombs, .. Each weapon and vehicle will bring certain effects and effects, so you need to consider choosing the right item for your strategy to win.

Different missions every day

Participating in Project Clean Earth, you will receive different tasks every day to complete. Adventure and conquer many levels of dungeons, each with different contexts and difficulty levels, making players curious to conquer without getting bored. 1N1 developer announced that they will always release many updates to add new features, new levels or maybe change the graphic style to constantly create unique and good experiences for players.

Classic style graphics

With a classic role-playing style, Project Clean Earth is designed with retro pixel graphics. The interface and context in the game are designed to be minimalistic. At first glance, we can imagine that the character system looks like it is designed in a 3D cartoon style, but in Project Clean Earth, the character is also designed by the manufacturer very simply but still has a difference. and unique. True to its style is classic, everything in the game is designed similar to the games developed long ago, giving users the experience back to their childhood. Download Project Clean Earth MOD APK now to save the world!!

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