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Raiden Fighter MOD APK v2.351 (Menu, 1 Hit, Ultimate, Energy)

Raiden Fighter MOD APK v2.351 (Menu, 1 Hit, Ultimate, Energy)

Updated: 31-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Raiden Fighter
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Menu, 1 Hit, Ultimate, Energy
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About Raiden Fighter: Alien Shooter

Explore the endless universe and face powerful enemies in Raiden Fighter MOD Menu APK. Each player needs to control his ship to defeat the opponent. Your enemies are many, choose to fight solo or fight with the whole army. Show off your masterful movement skills. Since the spaceship can fire automatically, the most important thing is still to make the player avoid enemy attacks and still hit the target. In a game where many factors affect you, having a good strategy that constantly changes to adapt to the situation will make it easier for you to win. A series of challenges are waiting for you to break the island! This action and Shooter game will definitely make you unable to stop halfway.

Fight with enemies in space

As I introduced at the beginning, there are many people out there who are ready to attack you. Raiden Fighter builds challenging levels that increase from easy to difficult. Players are approached slowly until becoming more professional, then surely your enemies are also stronger. There are times when you have to fight alone with a large army, sometimes a spaceship 10 times bigger than you. There’s no one-size-fits-all gameplay, you’ll have to deal with the situation. The speed is increasing and players need to be alert when making decisions.

Control the battleship

In fact, the control operation is very simple, Raiden Fighter only needs the player to move the spaceship position. It will never stop firing no matter where you are. Every time you hit an opponent, there will be items that fall, quickly come close to collect and of course it belongs to you. Players can even change the type of gun they are using. The game designs many gun models with bullets, combat effects for players to choose the most appropriate way to face the enemy.

Diverse game modes

It’s hard to believe but such an attractive game allows players to participate both online and offline. When online, the player has the option to confront other players. See who gets to the finish line first and collects the most rewards. When offline, you practice playing with alien armies, they are arranged in a constantly changing formation and are not easy to overcome. Join the game anywhere, anytime you want, no need to worry about internet connection.

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