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Are you a lover of ancient creatures? Especially the dragons? If yes, try to experience Hungry Dragon MOD APK. The game brings you to the land of mysterious dragons with fun and lovely gameplay.

About Hungry Dragon MOD APK

You must have played Hungry Shark (Play like Feeding Frenzy) by Ubisoft Entertainment. After the success of this game, the publisher decided to release an “aerial” version called Hungry Dragon. Still keeping the gameplay of the previous version, Hungry Dragon will surely bring you entertaining, relaxing moments.

Super addictive gameplay

Like its name, Hungry Dragon has the main character is a dragon named Nibbler who is extremely greedy. Although he is very cute, Nibbler always feels hungry and wants to eat everything. From animals that live in the mountains, large birds or even animals of bad luck accidentally entered his flight.

But if you don’t eat, Nibbler will become hungry, your energy will weaken, and even die. So to help Nibbler survive, you must help him eat as many other creatures as possible. To track when Nibbler needs to eat, you can see the green blood bar in the right corner of the screen is more or less. The larger the creatures, the longer the Nibbler will stay. Be careful though, there are some special creatures that Nibbler cannot eat. If he accidentally eats them, he will lose blood or even die instantly. The identifiable feature is that those organisms often have a strange appearance that is different from ordinary organisms.

The more dragons eat, the cooler they will evolve with a more eye-catching and powerful appearance. In addition to eating, they can also spit fire.

Freedom to fly in the air

Because Hungry Dragon is an Endless style game, so the levels are endless. The game will only end when your dragon can no longer fly. So please eat a lot to earn high scores. Also while flying, you will encounter gold coins. Don’t forget to collect them. You can use gold coins to unlock other dragons.

Collect dragons in Hungry Dragon

Currently, the game has more than 10 types of dragons with eye-catching appearance and color designs. Moreover, you can also buy costumes that make your favorite dragon even more unique. The outfits even make the dragons healthier. However, the high score is mainly dependent on the player’s control skills.

Nice graphics

Hungry Dragon is designed in a dreamlike 3D style. Especially the context with surrounding scenes opens up a fairytale world of mysterious creatures. The higher you go, the more beautiful the view, the more cloudy it will be and you may encounter other special creatures. In addition, the dragon’s motion effect is also very flexible.

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK for Android

Undeniably, Hungry Dragon possesses simple but extremely addictive gameplay. It can cause you to spend hours of rest to conquer these levels. If you are looking for a simple, fun game, don’t miss out on Hungry Dragon.

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