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RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK is an extremely attractive racing game for mobile phones. Did you think it resembles regular racing games? Actually not very similar, you will have a little surprise about it.

RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Unlock the entire vehicle
  • Unlimited Money
RCC - Real Car Crash MOD APK

Racing is a dangerous sport, often the riders will be placed on a track with many others. Let’s move the car to the finish line to see who is the first to win. On the race without tolerance, high speed, dangerous curves will be great challenges, only very good vehicles and talented, experienced racers can control. Yet it is still held regularly, even in large tournaments. There is another category in racing: obstacle racing. It was only played very little in the media, the races were not advertised as much, simply because it was many times more dangerous than regular racing. Obstacles and dangerous terrain are displayed on the track, not only at high speeds, but racers must also be careful with everything on the road. Just through a few descriptions, you must have envisioned this sport completely not suitable for you, right. But fortunately, we can fully experience this sport at home, through a device screen, which is a video game. Today I present to you RCC – Real Car Crash, an obstacle course racing game that you will definitely enjoy when experiencing it.

Thrilling gameplay

As a racing game, you will definitely not be able to escape from having to control a car. But how to control it, how the purpose is completely different. In this game there are already racing maps, where they have pre-set dangerous roads, up and down hills, turntables, guillotines just to prevent you from advancing. You now have two choices of game modes. In trials mode, there will be pre-set destinations on the map, your task is to control the car over the obstacles to reach the destination, during the game there will be some gold for you to increase your share. reward yourself. Reaching the finish within the allotted time will get you a bigger bonus and enroll on the game’s leaderboard. Free mode, you will be free to collect gold coins, perform aerobatics in the air to increase your bonus.

RCC - Real Car Crash MOD APK

There are four buttons available on the screen, two buttons for left and right controls, and the other two buttons to accelerate or brake again. The controls will be a bit difficult when you are new to the sensitivity of the button. So you need some time to practice before you can perform high-class racing. In addition, during the race, if you accidentally break the car, can not continue the journey anymore, you can perform an instant car repair button to help the car recover as new. Or when the overcoming vehicle falls off the track, you can use the button to help the car get back to the nearest save point. Of course, these functions all need to be paid for with in-game money to be performed, it’s cheap enough for you to play comfortably.

Quantity and customization of cars

RCC - Real Car Crash MOD APK

The game has dozens of different cars, each with its own shape and position. You need to level up to be able to unlock the right to buy that car. And then it costs more to own them again. Once you have a car, you can’t be sure it’s strong enough, or if it suits your style of play. At this time the car customization function will take effect, you will spend a lot of money to be able to customize, upgrade car parts, or change the color of the car’s paint. Thanks to this, from your basic vehicle, you have a car that is best for you.

Beautiful 3D graphics

There are many difficult challenges in this game, however, they are located in two main game maps. These maps are elaborately built with many consecutive challenges, the challenges are also extremely diverse to help you get the best experience. The details of objects and vehicles are not too good, but in return, the physical properties of the object are applied very well, you can feel the real feeling of driving through obstacles.


This game is a very new development for racing games. So it received a lot of support up to more than 500 thousand downloads on Google Play alone. You can also become one of them by downloading the game now. However, if you stay on our site for a bit, we can give you the RCC – Real Car Crash MOD APK. The modified version unlocks an entire vehicle, and the amount is limitless. Helping you get an even more great playing experience. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section of the article.

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