Rebel Racing MOD APK v3.20.17764 (Frozen Enemy, Activate Nitro) Download

Rebel Racing
App Name Rebel Racing
MOD features Frozen Enemy, Activate Nitro
Version 3.20.17764
Size 372M
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Updated on 26/07/2022 (3 weeks ago)
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MOD Description

1. MOD Menu
2. Activate Nitro // Activates Nitro Boost
3. Frozen AI Enemies // AI Enemies don’t Move

Note: Frozen AI Enemies may cause visual glitches that make it seem the enemy has disappeared, but they have not and you might still bump into them!

Rebel Racing MOD APK is a racing game with beautiful graphics and extremely interesting gameplay. With Rebel Racing, your entertainment moments will no longer be boring and monotonous. Download now to enjoy it.

Rebel Racing MOD APK

Rebel Racing MOD APK

Although designed to be released on mobile, Rebel Racing is considered to have the same graphics platform and motion physics as the PC games. In addition, the publisher is also very receptive to user comments, updates, bug fixes and additions are constantly being updated quickly. This is also one of the points that helps Rebel Racing get more attention from gamers.


Rebel Racing MOD APK

At the beginning of the game, you will meet and get to know a beautiful girl Ava. Ava will act as an assistant and give an overview of some of the main functions as well as a guide on how to play. From starting to buy a new car to enter your first race.

Like other racing games, the main goal in Rebel Racing is to try to finish first. In each match, you will have to compete with many other talented opponents. Even in the race, they are not afraid to create “collisions” to force your car to fall behind. If you want to win, you need to hold the steering wheel and increase your speed, or you can also create collisions with other rival vehicles. However, be careful, because if the steering wheel is weak, you will easily cause the car to hit obstacles or launch out of the track. As such, you will have to restart the car from scratch.

Control system of Rebel Racing

Do not design too many joystick buttons like other games, on the interface screen of Rebel Racing there are only 2 navigation buttons left and right. There is no nitro tank, it all depends on the player’s control skills. However, on the road there are still green arrow lines, if you follow them, your speed will increase significantly.

Race cars and upgrades

Rebel Racing MOD APK

Rebel Racing gives players models from 18 leading car brands in the world. For example, Ford, BMW, Pagani, … Each car is provided with information about 4 indicators such as Power, Traction, Nitro, and Handling. You can go to UPGRADE to upgrade engines, replace components for your favorite car.

Races around the world

For the early levels, the races are pretty short and easy. However, once you have that experience, you will be able to participate in large-scale races up to the whole of Europe. That means you will have to deal with more tough, experienced opponents. This is also one of the challenges for players to show their skills.

Download Rebel Racing MOD APK for Android

Rebel Racing owns beautiful graphics with car models, maps, weather, and small details that are also meticulously designed. Especially the sound is a plus point to help you experience as if you were on a real race. If you love racing games, Rebel Racing is sure to be the right game for your collection.

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