Last updated: November 19th, 2020

The latest version of SD Maid Pro MOD APK cleaning app is already at MODDER.ME. Download this handy manager now to keep your mobile device clean.

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Introduce about SD Maid Pro

In the process of downloading files, many times you will accidentally download junk files. Even during non-internet use, your computer will continuously generate redundant files. Not only do they shrink your storage space, but sometimes the files are also harmful to your device. So, I want to introduce to you the application called SD Maid Pro from the publisher Darken. This manager and cleaner are capable of working quickly, certainly will not disappoint you.

Highlights are available in SD Maid Pro

Powerful cleaning capabilities

We are all too familiar with cleaning managers like CC, Avast Antivirus. SD Maid Pro also operates similarly to the two apps mentioned above, but it stands out thanks to its powerful analyzer. As soon as you download SD Maid Pro to your device, it will record large files, junk files and used traffic by itself. You can see that the statistics table and free up memory with just one simple operation.

Worried about the safety brought by the cleaning application? Afraid of accidentally deleting an important file used to launch a certain process in the device? With SD Maid Pro, your problems will be solved. It scans each file type and finds locations that can normally be deleted. If you are still not satisfied, you can create an exception list, or the list to be cleaned up and add the appropriate files.

File manager

As a manager and cleaner, SD Maid Pro also helps users to control the number of folders, memory files used (or free) on the device. Then will provide a detailed overview table for the user. In addition to a lot of filters, SD Maid Pro allows users to quickly search by name, content, creation time, last edited time.

Features available in Pro version

In this Pro (paid) version, users will be able to use the same features as the free version. In addition, it is updated with two additional features: system cleaner and app cleaner. In addition, you also do not need to worry about spam ads appearing affecting your work.

With the Cron Job tool that the Pro version provides, your device will be cleaned periodically. Just set a schedule and SD Maid Pro will run automatically to clean your device.

MOD APK version of SD Maid Pro

MOD feature

Unlock premium features: Currently, SD Maid Pro costs $3,85 per download. While this is not a big number, you can use SD Maid Pro completely free by downloading the APK file we provide.

Download SD Maid Pro MOD APK for Android

The neatly cleaned device will operate more efficiently. Download now this handy cleaner and manager to keep your mobile device in top condition.