SmithStory2 MOD APK 0.0.88 (Unlimited Health/Mana)

Last updated: 30/09/2021 (2 weeks ago)

Latest Version0.0.88
MOD InfoUnlimited Health/Mana
PublisherGlaciwaker Entertainment
PackageGoogle Play Link

Join the adventure of SmithStory 2 MOD APK from publisher Glaciwaker Entertainment. Download the latest version we offer to experience this great game.

SmithStory 2 MOD APK

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Health, Mana

While bored and looking for a game to pass some time on, I was recommended by the Play Store with a title that has a pretty good rating. That game is SmithStory 2 and it is currently rated 4/5 stars. After experimenting for a while, I found this game quite interesting. So I want to share with those who share the same interest in role-playing games about this game.


SmithStory 2 is the sequel to the title game of the same name. Therefore, the setting of this game is still about an unknown blacksmith girl. She inherited the blacksmith shop from her great-grandfather. However, the store is no longer at its peak. Not wanting to ruin her grandfather’s lifelong dedication when it came to her life, the girl determined to find ways to restore the store’s reputation.

Target in SmithStory 2

SmithStory2 MOD APK

Though the storyline sounds like the girl is going to implement some business strategy to revive the store. But the gameplay is completely different. The girl restored the blacksmith shop by fighting monsters for the loot, then used them again to cast powerful tools.


As we can clearly see, the SmithStory 2 version has been upgraded on a lot more matches. Not only the graphics are upgraded to 3D, the background and the monster are also better than the first version. SmithStory 2 is designed with a mobile role-playing style, players will explore the vast map, find monsters, and destroy them.

If in SmithStory, the monsters would almost standstill and not harm the character, then to SmithStory 2, they became much more cunning. They can smell your character and rush into battle no matter what condition they are in. To complete the quest, you can create a variety of skill sets and play styles. At the same time, SmithStory 2 also allows players to switch between a variety of weapons in a short time to create beautiful and powerful combos.

Metallurgical features

SmithStory2 MOD APK

The metallurgical system must be no stranger to us in role-playing games. However, Smithstory2 differs from games of the same genre because the metallurgical recipes are instead unlocked through the main story or event, but open through research. Completing each study will take time, the higher the formula, the longer it will take to study. Once unlocked, you just need to combine the required items to create new items. With this system, you can enrich your weapons collection with extremely powerful rare weapons.

Equip character

Unlike weapons, equipment such as armor, shoes, and jewelry cannot be “forged”. So you only have to buy them in the store or complete quests, pick up in the dungeons. If you want a good outfit. They are also classified according to the different rarity.

Pet system

SmithStory2 MOD APK

Expeditions will no longer feel lonely when you have more companions on each trip. Smithstory 2 allows players to use the new incubation system to create pets according to their wishes. They are not only a companion but also a powerful assistant in every battle.

Download Smithstory 2 MOD APK for Android

Smithstory 2 is much more than his predecessor, just by looking at it. The game possesses interesting, engaging gameplay with beautiful graphics and combat effects. Click the Download button to download this great game.

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