Soul Land Reloaded MOD APK v1.5.8 (DMG/Defense Multiplier)

Update on October 19, 2023 (4 months ago)

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1. Damage multiplier
2. Defense multiplier
3. Skip tutorial (Always enabled)

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Soul Land Reloaded



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DMG/Defense Multiplier

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Soul Land Reloaded MOD APK allows you to accompany powerful Soul Masters with powers you can harness. You can participate in PVE or PVP levels to accomplish different goals. Soul Land Reloaded opens before you exciting battles with which you will need to engage with Soul Master. These characters all have impressive skills, so you will be able to use them at the right time to win the level. At the same time, the number of characters is diversely divided into different grades, and developing their strength is a long process.


In Soul Land Reloaded, you will accompany Soul Masters and engage in impressive battles. You will use their abilities and characteristics to choose the correct position in the battle to win the enemy. At the same time, you will always pay attention to the Soul Masters you are controlling to achieve the best results in the game. The control mechanism is also accessible when allowing players to control multiple characters simultaneously.

Soul Land Reloaded MOD APK

At the beginning of the first level, you will receive two starter characters, and certainly, you will not need to control them in too much detail. They will see their opponent in front and automatically attack until they are defeated, and surely, any player would not want this to happen. At the same time, you can also freely move the character’s position to a more favorable position to attack the opponent. It can be said that you are the one who decides the victory of the battle.


After knowing the mechanics of Soul Land Reloaded, players will go to the first levels, and when completing the levels, the rewards will appear before your eyes. Characters will continuously attack over time until their skills glow. So you’ll tap these skills to activate them and deal damage to enemies. Some lift skills affect multiple targets around, and others deal heavy damage to a single target.

As mentioned above, moving your character will ultimately help complete the level and help achieve the maximum number of stars. Specifically, each level has three stars, and each star corresponds to a specific requirement, such as not having any characters defeated. You will need to keep an eye on your characters at all times as some opponents can use some attacks to a range. The consequence is that the affected area can harm the player, so moving is necessary.

Soul Land Reloaded MOD APK

Besides the PVE levels, you certainly won’t ignore the PVP levels with other powerful players. They each have many characters and make up a good team in terms of combat and defense. Therefore, you will need to be fully prepared to fight with some strong characters, and the number of characters in the team will gradually increase as you pass the required levels. You will undoubtedly want to get the most out of your team.


The first job you do in Soul Land Reloaded is to summon Soul Master, and certainly, there will be two types of summoning, Normal and Premium. Each side limits the Soul Master grade they can get, and it all takes luck. At the same time, you also need to continue to complete the levels to collect resources and increase their strength. They all have powerful skills that need to be unlocked over time.

One point worth noting is that you will need breakthrough equipment and characters to reach a new power level. Equipment after each breakthrough will have changes in appearance and stats to add to the character stats. At the same time, when fully equipped, the player will be eligible for a breakthrough for a character, and from there, a new skill will be unlocked. So you will have yourself a strong squad as desired over time.

Soul Land Reloaded MOD APK

Players will participate in challenging battles with Soul Masters:

  • The mechanics that the players find are enjoyable where the players will care about the characters and use their skills appropriately.
  • In some cases, you will need to move them to another location to perform the attack and dodge the bad effects.
  • You can participate in various battles such as PVE to collect upgrading resources or tough battles with other players.
  • The game offers two summoning banners: Normal and Premium, and with luck, the players can summon powerful characters.
  • Each character can get different equipment, and when they are enough, the players will break through the character to acquire new skills.

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