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Speedtest MOD APK v5.4.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Speedtest MOD APK v5.4.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 13-07-2024 (1 week ago)
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One of the things that make users feel the most uncomfortable when surfing the web is slow network speed. Especially when downloading or uploading important data files. With the purpose of helping users test network speed, Ookla has launched Speedtest Mod APK (Premium Unlocked). This application is highly appreciated for its convenience and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it is completely free.

About Speedtest

Usually, in the process of using the network, users will encounter some problems. Typically, loss of network connection, a long time to access web pages, failure to download documents, etc. When encountering these problems, the most common solution is to restart the router or check the network packet. However, this does not always solve the problem. At this point, the fastest, simplest, and most effective solution for you is Speedtest.

With Speedtest Mod APK users can test the transmission speed. Through the specific numbers on the application’s interface, you can know whether the network connection you are using is stable or not. Accuracy, when tested by Speedtest, is quite high. Therefore, with specific results from the user application, there will be a basis to notify and reflect the network provider.

Immediately after its launch, this application of Ookla created a huge buzz. Users as well as professionals highly appreciate Speedtest’s features. The proof is the increasing number of downloads and a series of 5-star reviews on the forums.

Speedtest and outstanding advantages

User reviews for this app are not baseless. Because now, in addition to referring to review articles, users can completely try to download and experience them to know what “real” is. Therefore, millions of downloads and votes with a high maximum score prove that Speedtest possesses many outstanding points.

Gives transmission test results in a moment

In fact, Speedtest is not a new application, it has been born when smartphones were not popular. However, before that, it was just a web utility that helped computer users measure network speed. The development of technology and the popularity of smartphones are the premises for Ookla to launch the Speedtest application on the mobile platform. It is worth mentioning here that users can use it completely for free.

Simple test

After the installation is complete, accessing the application will see a large circle with numbers around the word “GO”. With a user-friendly design interface, is easy to use, you just need to click on this central icon to check the network speed.

After pressing start, the system will automatically connect to the network connection you are using. Immediately the display shows the clock with light around the circular border. The arc with the light indicates the transformation.

If the network is stable the bar will be horizontal. Meanwhile, the parameters indicate the download and download speed. Based on the test results thanks to Speedtest, you will know if the current network speed can meet the needs of downloading/uploading your files or not.

Accurate results

This application works in a scientific, systematic way. With a worldwide network of servers, they are everywhere to connect, delivering fast and accurate results. Not only that, over a long period of operation, Speedtest’s accuracy has increased a lot. The test results thanks to the application are highly accurate, so users should take that as a basis to compare with the carrier package provided. This will help you ensure your rights and reflect immediately when you see a network problem.

High security, fast speed

The Speedtest app has a lot of great features. In addition to testing the network speed, it also acts as a VPN application. Thus, you can browse the web privately, avoiding the leakage and theft of personal information. Using a public connection is very convenient, but it also has many potential risks. To avoid being taken advantage of by hackers to get personal information, you can turn on the VPN Speedtest utility application. Another thing that makes Ookla’s products so appreciated is the respect for privacy. In the process of using all data, personal information, and web history is absolutely confidential instead of being used for personal purposes.

In addition, in the process of using you also need to know that when you turn on VPN Speedtest to test the network speed, the application will conduct a VPN-based test. This utility application comes in various packages. If you use the Premium package, you will have the right to use many other great features. For example, choose a region when using a VPN to speed up network access.

Check measurement history easily

It is not difficult to review all previous tests for Speedtest. Because this application has the feature of storing test history through the Results section. So, just by going to this section, you can know a lot of useful information. As follows:

  • Network information I am using (3/4G, LTE, LAN, wifi)
  • Network speed measurement time
  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Address Internal IP, External IP

All are important information for you to have an overview of the measurements as well as the change of network connection speed over time.

What is Speedtest Premium?

Speedtest VPN Premium users benefit from unlimited data protection for only $4.99 USD a month. Premium subscribers also receive an ad-free Speedtest experience during their subscription. Unlimited data protection. Ad-free Speedtest.

What Mods is this version?

  • Ads Removed
  • VPN Premium (All servers work)

Download Speedtest Mod APK for Android

It can be seen that Speedtest is an extremely useful application. Thanks to the features of the application, you will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and stability of the network package you are using. Currently, this app supports both Android and iOS operating systems. So you can go to the app market to download and use it today. Good luck with your installation!

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