Stay Alive MOD APK v0.18.0 (Dumb Enemy)

Update on September 5, 2023 (3 months ago)

Stay Alive MOD APK v0.18.0 (Dumb Enemy)

Update on September 5, 2023 (3 months ago)

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Dumb Enemy

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Horror games have always been a topic exploited in many novels and titles and have won many resounding successes. Among them, pandemic Zombie has always been a fertile land for game makers to exploit. The sensational action, the scary wilderness, and the zombies with great power are the highlights that bring a special charm to this genre.

Stay Alive MOD APK

Stay Alive is also a horror role-playing game set in the Zombie pandemic that is raging around the corner. You will play as one of the luckiest men on the planet because of good resistance survives, and your mission is to do everything to survive.

Unlike other games set in pre-pandemic Zombie survival, Stay Alive mainly revolves around fighting zombies, not too important about other elements of survival. There are many weapons for you to choose from, from rudimentary such as baseball bats, knives,… to pistols, submachine guns,… Let us find out more details in the article below!


Entering the game, you are only provided with a knife and do not have any protective gear. Think and use reasonable strategies to use what you have and get through the game. There is much content for you to explore such as: exploring a deserted island, collecting resources, making weapons, tools,… In addition to zombies, aggressive animals and aboriginal communities on a desert island are also a danger. extremely worrying.

Collect ingredients after the game screen, then use them to create new items such as protective gear, guns, booms,… to ensure a chance of survival for yourself.


One of the reasons Stay Alive is so successful is its incredibly realistic graphics. Although it is only a game on the Mobile platform, Stay Alive is still elaborating on each image. From the blades of grass, shadows of objects,… are meticulously designed by the development department.

The Zombies are also designed quite honestly. If you have ever seen the movies about the zombie apocalypse, you can easily imagine them in this game.

Attractive sound

The action, shooting, running, and hiding all have a fascinating background sound. Surely you will be more thrilling thanks to the light but mysterious music of Stay Alive. Not sensational, colorful but the music of this game still leaves me an unforgettable impression.

MOD APK version of Stay Alive

High-level items in the game are also sold in the store, but the price is quite expensive, about 1 USD to 50 USD. You can buy them in the store to get through more difficult levels. But if you do not have the budget, our MOD version will be the more optimal choice. With this version, all enemies will not attack so you don’t need any modern equipment to win.

Install Stay Alive MOD APK

To install Stay Alive MOD APK for Android, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download our Stay Alive MOD APK file.
  2. On your device, search the APK file you just downloaded and install.
  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

Download Stay Alive MOD APK for Android

Are you a fan of horror games? Love the thrill of the game? Then what are you waiting for without downloading this game through the links below some of us provide? Feel free to leave a comment if you run into problems during the installation process!

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