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Storyngton Hall MOD APK v111.1.0 (Unlimited Stars)

Storyngton Hall MOD APK v111.1.0 (Unlimited Stars)

Updated: 29-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Storyngton Hall
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With Storyngton Hall MOD APK, you will help the Green family refurbish the villa from the Recency period to organize a party to find the true heart for Lady Jane. Defeat the tough match-3 puzzles and turn the old building into a lavish garden mansion.

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Storyngton Hall MOD APK

This time, BIT.GAMES continue to conquer players with interesting match-3 puzzle games. The latest product of this publisher is called Storyngton Hall. Here, you will experience a renaissance atmosphere with lords, ladies, luxury mansions, and addictive challenging puzzles. The Green family mansion was wonderful, but it is now too old with dust and spider web making it more cluttered than ever. So, let’s start cleaning up now.


Storyngton Hall begins the story when the Green family decided to return to live in a huge mansion from the Recency period. Although the villa is built extremely monumentally, it cannot avoid the deterioration of time.

Mrs. Green, a person who always loves the bustle and parties, decided to renovate the mansion to invite people in town to join the party. Through the party, she also wants to find for her daughter a great mistress. The lady of the Green family named Jane is a person who likes to write romance novels and wants to meet the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, Mr. Green just wants to renovate the house to rest.

You will be the one to help the Green family achieve their dreams. However, in the process of renovating this lavish mansion, you will face the evil schemes of Lady Wroth to sabotage your work.

Match-3 puzzle gameplay

Storyngton Hall MOD APK

To renovate the garden and mansion, you must go through a match-3 puzzle to unlock each area. If you have played games like Candy Crush Saga or Matchingson Mansion, conquering Storyngton Hall will be extremely easy. On each game screen, you will be given a certain number of moves. Join at least three identical cells that form a horizontal or vertical row to eliminate them. Matching 4 to 5 identical tiles creates special features that allow the player to destroy more than one tile at a time. Breakthrough levels with a high score allow you to unlock rooms from the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and garden. And then, you can clean and redesign it to your desired style.

Redecorate the villa

The Green Mansion will gradually return to its prime after your reforms. The game allows you to choose from the smallest objects such as decorative lights, carpets, curtains, wallpaper colors,… Besides, you can also unleash your creativity with large gardens with many flowers, eye-catching decorative trees.

Interact with other players

Storyngton Hall MOD APK

Storyngton Hall’s story will gradually unfold through the dialogues of the main character and other NPC characters. You can choose to ignore these conversations. However, I do not recommend that because there will be a lot of events and you will not know what’s going on in the game.


Although the gameplay is not too creative compared to the games of the same genre, Storyngton Hall still scores thanks to beautiful 3D graphics with renaissance decorations. The game is suitable for killing time during the free weekends.

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