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Summoners War APK v8.4.0 (Latest Version) Download

Summoners War APK v8.4.0 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 29-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Summoners War APK is the most successful smartphone RPG game in the last 6 years. Download the latest version of the game using the links below our article!

Summoners War APK

Summoners War – Funtap is a very different game from most other games today. A game where you cannot top-up to get stronger, rely a lot on luck and have to use intelligence on each content to make the team of monsters stronger. Join us to find out more carefully in the article below!


Summoners War: Sky Arena MOD APK

The story is built in a world with unique beasts and unrivaled crystals. After thousands of years buried underground, these gems suddenly appear in the dungeons, where there are extremely powerful dungeon monsters. You will play as a summoner, who can summon other mascots and mine crystals in dungeons to balance the peace of the world. In addition to rebalancing the monsters, players must also participate in the Celestial Arena to defeat the corrupted summoners who are plotting to dominate the world.

The game is the most popular RPG genre

Summoners War – Funtap is a turn-based fighting game. A wise summoner needs to collect too many beasts and powerful gems, then reassemble them to have the strongest army. This game possesses many special features that I have never met before in any game. If the other RPGs are not much of a technique, Summoners War – Funtap makes use of this point extremely well.

Summoners War: Sky Arena MOD APK

But in order to have a strong lineup, there are many factors left, one of which is luck. Each gem you earn from the dungeon is just raw gems, with the ranks: Rare, Hero, Legendary. The probability of obtaining a legendary gem is very low. Moreover, after collecting them, you must upgrade to increase the stats in each gem. If you lack luck, make your stats too low, or jump the wrong line, the legendary gem can’t be used.

Summoning too interesting in Summoners War – Funtap is also very unlucky. There are many types of magic books for the player to summon monsters, but the odds of getting a 5-star original monster are very low. There is only one magic book that can summon the original 5-star monster at a rate of 100%, but its price is very expensive, about 2 million VND. And only on special occasions will the publisher open for sale.

Smart in team building

The game has a lot of content for players to explore, but in short, it will be divided into two main categories: PVP and PVE. With PVE, you will build a squad and fight with machines, PVP is against people. The contents in Summoners War – Funtap are: Gain dungeons, Dragon, Necro,…

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Each dungeon you have to build a separate team to conquer because each Boss has different special abilities. In the Gain dungeon is the ability to inflict a large amount of damage after taking 7 attacks, in Dragon is the ability to deal a large amount of damage when the opponent is affected by the effect of “Continuous Damage”,…

Download Summoners War – Funtap APK for Android

A very attractive country-plowing strategy game, right? So what are you waiting for without experiencing this interesting game right now?

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