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Sword Master Story APK v4.64.520 (Latest Version) Download

Sword Master Story APK v4.64.520 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 31-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Sword Master Story
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Download now the MOD APK version of Sword Master Story (소드마스터 스토리) to receive unlimited gold and diamonds. Join now in the fantasy world in Sword Master Story, become a hero, and experience exciting adventures with loyal teammates.

Introduce about Sword Master Story

Since being released by Super Planet’s first teaser images, Sword Master Story has attracted the attention of many fans. Sword Master Story is an action fighting game where you can enjoy beautiful RPG action. The publisher promises to bring many super skills and attack skills, certainly will not disappoint everyone.


Coming to Sword Master Story, you will be transformed into a betrayed hero from the empire you submit. The empire he once fought to protect has now turned its back on him and his own people. In order to regain peace and peace for the people, the hero is determined to engage in the battle once more.

As a Hack & Slash game, Sword Master Story promises to deliver extremely fast-paced battles. This helps players to experience a real sense of speed when fighting against enemies. Start building your squad of powerful knights and lead them through each match. Decisive attack on opponents with great skills that Dual Blade bestows to win quickly. Of course, the faster you win, the greater the reward you will get. Story combat is a plus in this game. For every ten levels, Sword Master Story will open up for you a mysterious truth through a new story.

Experience adventures through ten dungeons, Dark Lords Tower, Golden Dungeons, and Dark Dragon with a host of powerful opponents and engaging challenges.

Test your skills in the “Global Player vs. Player” arena. Compete with swordsmen from all over the world and win absolutely. Or team up with them in Boss Raids to together conquer the strongest Bosses there.


Sword Master Story provides you with a rich character count of up to 40 heroes. All are meticulously designed with eye-catching looks (Especially the very beautiful and sexy heroines). From goblins to knights, mages, you can freely choose and recruit them to your team. Each hero has a different attribute as well as skill. The more characters you possess, the higher your power will be. Moreover, you can create tactics to help the characters support each other in the best way in battles. Strengthening and developing character through leveling up, Reinforcement, and Transcendence.

In addition, Sword Master Story also provides an unlimited number of character costumes. They not only help the character’s appearance stand out from other warriors but also increase the combat stats.


In terms of graphics, Sword Master Story will definitely convince many gamers because of its unique pixel graphics and old school sound background that bring nostalgia, reminiscent of the game series of 10 years ago. From character-shaping to animation are very sophisticatedly designed. The game’s skill effects also make players fall in love with it for hours.

The MOD APK version of Sword Master Story

MOD features

  • MOD Menu
    • Unlimited Diamonds on shop
    • Unlimited Gold for Unit Reinforcement
    • Weak Enemy

Install Sword Master Story MOD APK

To install Sword Master Story MOD, you need to follow some steps below.

  1. Download the Sword Master Story MOD APK + Zip file.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and move it to the Android/Obb folder.
  3. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  4. Open and experience.

Download Sword Master Story MOD APK for Android

Unique plot, great characters combined with beautiful 2D pixel art. Sword Master Story has everything an RPG fan was looking for. If you feel interested in Sword Master Story MOD APK, download and experience the game through the links we provide below!

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