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Tank Stars MOD APK v2.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Tank Stars MOD APK v2.5.01 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 22-07-2024 (2 days ago)
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Experience modern tank battles in the context of World War II in a whole new style at Tank Stars MOD APK. The MOD APK version of Tank Stars is ready for an update, are you prepared to fight?

Tank Stars MOD APK

Most games in the context of World War II are dark and deadly. Tank Stars is also a fighting game inspired by World War II, but in general, the game has its own unique color. Coming from the publisher Playgendary, Tank Stars is a very interesting coordinate shooting game. If you are interested in this game, let me find out through the article below!

Fun and addictive gameplay

Tank Stars MOD APK

Have you ever played Bowmasters? Bowmasters that debuted before Tank Stars and gameplay similar to that game. Or in Vietnam, I also have a very famous game. Gunny also has such a shooting style. Battles in Tank Stars will be turn-based and will end if one of the two tanks is destroyed.

You will have to control your tank to fight solo with the enemy’s tank. Every turn is very stressful because if you only make a mistake in one time, it is likely that next time you will be completely destroyed by the enemy. Are you ready to prove your gunner skills as well as show your skills in Tank Stars?


Each tank will have available ammo types suitable for each type. However, you can also activate rockets to attack enemies. But you need to calculate and use it when absolutely necessary because this feature can only be used once in a match. In addition, the arsenal that Tank Stars provides includes a variety of ammunition such as thermonuclear bombs, nuclear bombs,…

Tank system

Tank Stars MOD APK

Unlike the dry tank design like games of the same genre, Tank Stars makes its tank system more unique when wearing eye-catching colors. Each tank is marked with a special design as well as outstanding colors that make you feel impressed at first sight.

The higher the level, the more sophisticated the number of enemies and their attack, this requires you to be stronger. Upgrading your tank is one of the top options. This not only makes your attacks more powerful but also gives you better defense against enemy attacks.

Every tank has a different upgrade mechanism, so be careful. If it is Specter, there are a total of 3 upgradable items including Railgun, Tesia Zone, Lightning Ball. As for Abrams, you can upgrade parts like Volley, Vertical Slam, Splitter Chain, Big One, Air Strike.

Game modes

Tank Stars MOD APK

Tank Stars has four main game modes including VS Computer, 4/5 Battle, 4/10 Battle, and Tournaments. If you are a novice, VS Computer is the easiest mode because the opponent is mostly controlled by AI. In addition, Tournaments with three easy, medium, and hard adjustment modes are also great for practice.


Tank Stars has a simple graphic design based on a 2D platform with many eye-catching colors. The plus is that despite the simple design, the combat effects are still very eye-catching. And the low graphics also mean that Tank Stars does not require high configuration, suitable for many types of machines.

Download Tank Stars MOD APK for Android

Tank Stars is a great entertaining shooting game, simple graphics with many classic features like shooting games on handheld systems. In Tank Stars, there’s not much time for you to think. You have to be very assertive and act correctly or else the loser will be you.

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