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Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK is an arcade game suitable for those who love speed and overcoming obstacles to collect rewards. Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK, like its name, is inspired by the famous cartoon character Sonic – a green hedgehog whose outstanding talent is to run fast. This movie has been attached to the childhood of many people and many people love having the ability to move as fast as Sonic. Capturing the psychology of the majority of Sonic fans, publisher SEGA has also launched a game related to speed. But when you really participate, you realize that you need more skills than that. Only on the Google Play Store, since its launch, Sonic Dash 2 has attracted more than 700 thousand downloads and this number is constantly increasing.


Continuing the success of the first part, Sonic Dash 2 retains the original plot and does not change much. Even so, this plot is still attractive to anyone who loves the Sonic movie. The enemy that you need to confront is Dr. Eggman, he is always hatching a plot to take over the earth’s natural energy. His actions have severely affected the natural ecosystem. Sonic and his friends need to set out to find his base to stop this evil doing. However, on the way you encounter many obstacles created by the name Eggman himself. Despite this, with extraordinary abilities, Sonic and his friends will accompany the player to overcome them all.


As I introduced at the beginning, Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK is suitable for those who love speed. If you have played Temple Run, Subway Surfers then you will also love the gameplay of this game. Starting each level is always a gentle warm-up. But later on, when you get used to the operation, the speed becomes faster. Just moving slowly for a few seconds can cause you to fall into a trap or not be able to kill monsters in time. Because of its difficult to conquer characteristics, Sonic Dash 2 is appreciated more than many games of the same genre.


Still the characters from the first version include the main character Sonic and his friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and Shadow. They all joined the confrontation with Dr. Eggman. Each character has different characteristics. For example, Amy, the pink girl who always carries a hammer with her to smash any monster that gets in her way. Or the red Knuckles guy with a muscular body. He can transform himself into a rolling ball that increases his speed and avoids obstacles better. Not to mention Sonic with extremely good high jumps and high-damage punches. In each level, you are allowed to choose three characters to use. The selected characters can be changed at any time in the game. Depending on the change of terrain, you should decide to change wisely, to your advantage.


Dr. Eggman creates many obstacles along the way that are difficult to predict. You may encounter ferocious crab monsters, gyros with many serrated teeth, pits full of sharp nails. The further you go, the thicker the density of the obstacles becomes. Besides, players also need to move with high speed. So, please observe carefully and act flexibly. Just a little negligence and you will stop. Also don’t forget to collect rewards along the way, they will help you upgrade your character, get better power.


Unlike the first version, Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK builds more contexts for each level. You can move underground in the middle of the jungle, but after a while, you may also have to swing from tree to tree. Although it is only 2D graphics, the design of the constantly changing images in each level creates excitement for anyone participating. All elements combine harmoniously to create a great entertainment space.


  • Sonic Dash 2 is especially suitable for those who love high-speed movement, flexible manipulation to avoid obstacles.
  • Upgrade the characters you own, grasp the strengths of each character to choose and change to suit the challenge.
  • Confront monsters along the way, overcome traps set by bad guys who want to harm you.
  • Collect vatah items on the way to the destination, it will help you to upgrade your character more easily or possess special abilities in a certain time.
  • The constantly changing game context requires players to be flexible and adapt quickly.

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