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TapScanner MOD APK v3.0.31 (Premium Unlocked)

TapScanner MOD APK v3.0.31 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 05-07-2024 (3 weeks ago)
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About TapScanner MOD APK

TapScanner MOD APK is a simple document scanner with high-quality output. If you ever find yourself having to scan certain documents or images but don’t have a ready-to-use scanner, then this TapScanner app will definitely come in handy. TapScanner was developed with absolute flexibility in mind for those who are in constant contact with documents or want to shorten their processing time. Feel free to use TapScanner on any targeted surface, as it enables fast and efficient digital scanning on your mobile device. Use the many features available in the app, each offering its own unique functions and applications. Unlock useful management features to help you organize your files more easily. And most importantly, you can always choose this app with great features without payment.

Scan any document with just a few taps

TapScanner is designed with professional AIs in mind to edit and resize everything after it is scanned. Its scanning process is very simple and users only need to adjust the camera to the right place to produce the best quality photos. The versatility and convenience that comes from scanning documents with the application have saved everyone countless time and effort in editing, and copying photos and documents making you more productive.

Fast QR scanner on your device

To make work faster and more convenient, the application has provided a smart QR scanning feature. The quick scan automatically converts certain codes into email, text, or links, making it a lot easier for you to scan codes and access the results.

Quick edit with many filters

If the output leaves you unsatisfied, you can turn on the filter feature to make your work more impressive. This job is quite simple, just select the exported file, and choose different effects in the image filter to match your wishes. Make the most of this feature to get the perfect shot.

Auto contour detection for more convenient use

Thanks to automatic border detection, you won’t need to spend time trimming excess borders or expanding borders, TapScanner will automatically align your documents with the most accurate and perfect results. The application will ensure that all output after scanning will be resized to fit without any further editing.

Free built-in OCR technology

With built-in OCR technology, the application allows you to easily search for images that can be converted with text. It will help you to export text directly from the scanner into editable documents. In addition, OCR technology supports more than 110 languages ​​to make it accessible to most users and make users feel it is really useful.

Export scanned documents in various options

Scanning also serves a variety of purposes, and users can change multiple formats when exporting to work or share freely on more platforms. You can save your results in either PDF or PNG formats – the two main outputs of the application when exporting, plus it also supports a compatible reader so you can work and process bidirectionally.

Easily manage your documents

TapScanner allows you to efficiently manage all scanned documents using the built-in visual document viewer. It will automatically create an original copy so that the user can freely edit his file before sending it. Here, you can also personalize the backup system, saving all the data on various platforms for your work convenience.

Add a professional electronic signature

Some jobs may now require a signature to sign a paperless contract. Therefore, for interested users, it is now possible to enable digital signatures on selected documents for much more convenient online sharing. Just enable the Sign & Send option and choose the preferred signature you want to include. TapScanner will then automatically send your files with signatures enabled on them. The application also provides many options to personalize the signature perfectly, helping users become more professional. And best of all, it saves time signing all the important paperwork by hand. Download the TapScanner MOD APK application to experience it right away!!!

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