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Walli MOD APK is an application from the developer Tap-Mobile, allowing users to change the wallpaper for their mobile device. At first, it sounds like Walli is a bit of a boring application, right? But actually, this application brings a lot of very attractive content.

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Changing the wallpaper for mobile devices is very simple, this feature has been built into all mobile phones from old to new. So what do we need to download an app that specializes in changing the wallpaper for the phone? That must be your question when you know Walli. But trust me, you will fall in love with this app as soon as you download it and start using it. There must be a reason why this application is so loved that it has more than 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive user reviews, let’s find out with the article below.

Rich wallpaper collection

This is the first feature that you will see in Walli. This app gives you amazing wallpaper patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. Most of them are beautiful artistic images, just looking at them will make you want to use them right on your phone. These wallpaper patterns are also categorized into different themes for you to easily distinguish. You just need to choose from hundreds of thousands of available wallpaper templates and put them on your computer, very simple, right?

Not only bring unique images, but these pictures also have extremely sharp HD quality. You can find any theme in Walli like animals, plants, space, nature, urban, flowers and so on. Walli’s creative team was carefully selected. Changing the wallpaper is not only fun, but it is also a place where you can express your style and artistic taste. Just like you just need to look at other people’s wallpapers, it’s easy to imagine how the owner of that phone has a personality. That is the goal factor that Walli aims for its users.

Copyrighted works from famous artists and designers

That’s why I wrote above that you won’t find quality wallpapers anywhere like Walli. This place is not just a wallpaper repository anymore, but also a community for artists from all over the world to gather. They are free to be creative, express their personality and talent through the works posted on Walli. When you use their works as wallpaper, you also contribute to the compensation of the artists, which in turn encourages them to produce more quality works.

You will also easily find the artist’s information thanks to the feature of linking the work to the corresponding artist profile (this is also one of Walli’s ways to protect copyright). If you love the particular style of an artist, you can search for them and then easily find their available work on Walli without much effort. Moreover, you can also find their own social networking site or website (if available).

Automatic wallpaper change feature

Are you someone who likes to change the wallpaper but is too lazy to install it again and again? So this feature of Walli will surely satisfy you. Your job is very simple. You just need to select the images you like and collect them into Playlist mode, then click the Play button. The wallpaper will automatically change without you having to do any more. You can also easily customize how often this feature changes, just like how screensavers work on that PC. This way your mobile screen will look amazing.

Modern interface, easy to use

Walli does not have too many complicated features, so the developer aims for simplicity and focuses on the display of image quality more. The interface is designed to be as minimal as possible to help users get used to it and find the wallpaper in the fastest way.

We can’t deny the number of times we open our phones a day no less than 100 times. And when you open your phone, the first thing you see your eyes on is the desktop. Sometimes when it’s boring or too stressful, a great wallpaper will help you revive your spirit and become a lot more comfortable. Moreover, the wallpaper is also the place where you show your taste and personality, so don’t ignore the phone wallpaper anymore!

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