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Tavern Rumble MOD APK v7.09 (Unlimited Diamonds, Purchased All)

Tavern Rumble MOD APK v7.09 (Unlimited Diamonds, Purchased All)

Updated: 14-02-2024 (5 months ago)
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Tavern Rumble
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Unlimited Diamonds, Purchased All
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About Tavern Rumble MOD APK

Tavern Rumble MOD APK is an entertaining Roguelike card game designed in a novel way of playing. This is also a strategy game with carefully arranged soldier cards to destroy the invasion of the enemy. With unique and novel gameplay, many powerful cards, and no installation fee, Tavern Rumble: Roguelike Card MOD APK will bring you extremely interesting gaming experiences when owning many cards. post in hand.

New gameplay

As for the cards, instead of playing cards like the normal way of playing, in Tavern Rumble, you have in hand different cards corresponding to different functions. You will fight with the enemy on a chessboard, the enemy side gives a card as the trump card and your task is to use the cards with soldiers with different strengths to arrange in the chess box. to kill the enemy easier as well as get more bonuses.

Buy a lot of power cards

You will be confronted with many challenging stages from easy to difficult levels, each stage of the enemy will launch a different trump card, so you need to buy cards to upgrade the number of soldiers. strong soldiers in hand to successfully launch and defeat the enemy. Each level, if you win, will increase the bonus amount and use this bonus to buy more cards.

Diverse game modes

Not only with the card game mode, but there are 9 different game modes for you to choose from. For example, in swordplay mode, with this game mode, it is similar to a card, you also export soldiers, but instead of fighting on the chessboard and arranging soldiers into chess boxes, you will arrange soldiers took positions in a scene where only swordsmen were present, without the presence of a checkerboard. Explore and experience different game modes and you will not be bored when entering Tavern Rumble world.

Graphics and sound effects

The graphics are not too impressive, the character designs are simple, close to the player. The context of the game mode changes constantly but is not too rich. Fun sound effects, battle screams created on the background music will make you boost your fighting spirit even more.

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