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Menu, One Hit, High Heal

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Are you a fan of strategy games and looking for a new adventure turn-based strategy game? Come to Tetramon Monster Battle Master MOD APK, the hottest turn-based strategy game right now. Download the MOD APK version we provide below to play with more incentives.

About Tetramon Monster Battle Master MOD APK

Tetramon Monster Battle Master is a strategy game from developer Sia Ding Shen. At first glance, Tetramon Monster Battle Master is quite similar to famous Pokemon games, but you will see many differences because this game is only inspired by pokemon. Coming to this game you will be participating in PVP multiplayer turn-based matches. Train your monster team, explore the world, become a battle master and dozens of other exciting activities await you in Tetramon Monster Battle Master.

Fight with ferocious monsters

Participating in Tetramon Monster Battle Master, you will experience thrilling battles with aggressive monsters. But before participating in those matches, you must gather the strongest monsters and form a team of 8 monsters. In addition, you also have the choice of attacks before joining the match such as Powe Drip, Venom Strike, Poison Attack. Thanks to the opportunity to pre-select attacks, you can prepare monsters with the most suitable attributes or attacks for battle. Thus your chances of winning in battles will greatly increase. The more battles you win, the greater your chances of developing a team of monsters and becoming a master trainer.

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Winning in the levels at Tetramon Monster Battle Master you will receive many attractive rewards. Not only do you get a lot of gold coins, but you also get more experience points. This experience point is very important because when you level up, you will unlock more attractive new cards as well as play special levels, becoming stronger.

Collect monsters and upgrade them

Tetramon Monster Battle Master offers players hundreds of different types of monsters with many different types, sizes, and characteristics. If you are a fan of playing and watching Pokemon, you will find that the monsters in this game are quite similar in shape to Pokemon (but have also been edited a little differently). These monsters are divided according to the main attributes such as fire, water, wood, metal, earth, and some other special types such as psychic, thunder, etc. In addition, they are also distinguished. according to the number of stars they possess. The more stars, the higher the monster’s battle stats.

In addition, you can also upgrade your monsters to make them stronger. Especially when upgrading to a certain level, your monster will be able to start the evolution process. After evolving, monsters will learn new combat skills, have a stronger and more amazing appearance than before. Monster evolution is the ultimate way to take your battle group to the next level.

Tetramon Monster Battle Master Arena

After going through the confrontations in the default matches, being well trained, and achieved some achievements, you can join the arena of Tetramon Monster Battle Master. However, this place will be very different from the usual battle screens you have experienced because the arena is a gathering place for monster trainers from all over the world. The matches will be more intense, attractive, fierce, and brainy. So consider and make sure you can afford to join the arena.

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You will learn a lot of things through the matches in the Tetramon Monster Battle Master arena. From the logical layout of the strategy, the optimal way to fight and use monsters is by observing other players. Be yourself and defeat potential opponents and become the best monster trainer.


Tetramon Monster Battle Master possesses graphics designed in 3D style. Although not as detailed and sharp as other games of the same genre, Tetramon Monster Battle Master has done a good job of conveying its content. The developers used bright colors for the game. Although the content is about combat, the special character design is an extremely cute, strong monster that is not scary at all. The main character design is also great, just like the characters in the anime. Effects and smooth motion, matching the style of the game. The sound is a big plus, the vibrant melodies make the matches much more attractive and thrilling.

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