The Battle Cats MOD APK v12.7.0 (Unlimited Cat Spam, Fast Deploy)

Update on October 31, 2023 (1 month ago)

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The Battle Cats MOD APK, or Battle Cats, is a game with the theme of cats that have invaded the planet. The game was developed by PONOS Corporation and in this version has been MOD APK for free. The Battle Cats for Android belongs to the wall-to-wall strategy genre and has received more than 1M installations on Google Play in a very short time. Download now!

The Battle Cats MOD APK v12.7.0 (Unlimited Cat Spam, Fast Deploy)

Update on October 31, 2023 (1 month ago)

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The Battle Cats



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Unlimited Cat Spam, Fast Deploy

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The Battle Cats Mod APK (Unlimited Cat Spam, Fast Deploy) takes you to the battle of classy Cat commanders and other animals. This war is all conducted and controlled by you to accomplish all the tasks and challenges that the game requires.

About The Battle Cats MOD APK

This game allows you to control your own Cat commanders to the significant challenges that The Battle Cats MOD APK poses. This is an interesting game, and players will need to define the main tasks to start the challenge clearly. More specifically, the player has the right to increase the number of cats in the group and go to the next challenge door. Even more interesting is that if the player needs the help of a more significant number, the game will provide you with enough and do not let you lose to the enemy.


Players will have the task of leading our soldiers to carry out all the significant challenges, and it is we who are the leaders of the Cat class. The evil forces are looking for ways to take over their own kingdom, and most of all, you are the victims, show your best to save the kingdom. However, every war has difficulties, and we need to be vital to have a chance to overcome them.

Each battle will carry a different mission, so you need to show your own abilities as well as define a clear goal. Players face one type of enemy and have to face hundreds of different enemies. Those animals have entirely different shapes, can be small but have enough temperament or more extensive, several times bigger than you. But The Battle Cats will find all ways to help you, and you need to show your top bravery.


Players need to actively come up with attack plans to overwhelm the other side. However, you also need to complete the big challenge to attract the help of other Cat commanders. Players need to prepare the most useful weapons to defeat all the damn enemies. Players should also use the area map to check the situation and come up with the most effective backup measures.

More specifically, you should use the attack from the outside to push the troops to the closed walls. You should also actively attack by shooting with a powerful Laser to destroy the enemy’s life force at that time. It would help if you actively collected more beneficial spirits to get the most incredible strength through those attacks. The Cat Commander should also increase the number of troops to promote solidarity among members in The Battle Cats.


You are the one who has a significant influence in summoning soldiers as well as delivering powerful attacks. Players need to assert themselves by overcoming difficult challenges organized by The Battle Cats. Use modern vehicles to explore other vital areas. You can also use vehicles with automatic guns to shoot at the giant enemies that appear before your eyes.

Players need to collect all modern vehicles that can avoid enemy attacks. More specifically, you also need to collect a large amount of money to help you in the hunt for weapons, and thanks to that, you have the safest supplements. If you are too difficult or have reached a dead-end, immediately use the perfect support features to derive the correct solutions. Players also need to change their battle plans to get admirable results.

Cat commanders in The Battle Cats MOD APK will slay those enemies, and that’s the highlight. Players always want you to have more attractive features and open a series of more considerable treasures. Players must also use unique fighting styles to create the most significant wins. More than that, you also need to add more numbers and face bigger enemies to gain a more significant score and have a chance to upgrade yourself.

Key Features:

  • Identify a series of tasks that you need to do in the game and proceed to select the Cat commanders who can do this task.
  • Mobilize forces and add a new squad of cats to defeat the evil attacks that the enemies bring to you.
  • Always use a variety of weapons and the most modern means of transportation to create true wars.
  • Unlock each treasure and gain keys to unlock the next quests that follow.
  • Defeat those guys with the most advanced Laser technology to extract all the beneficial essences to load into the Cat commander’s body.

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