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Update on April 4, 2023 (11 months ago)

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Truck Simulator 2022: Europe MOD APK is an exciting adventure simulation game with big trucks. Become a truck driver with a show of ultimate driving skills.

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You are a speed enthusiast and want to experience the steering of all kinds of heavy vehicles including trucks. You will transform into a truck driver driving through many highways, highways and even challenging curves. To experience more types of trucks you need to earn lots of bonuses to upgrade and enjoy the feeling of truck driving with many different functions. The game is completely free and this is the latest version in 2022 with newly updated functions.


You own a truck with a cool shape along with a lot of truck controls. It may be a little difficult for you to get used to the engine and truck equipment at first, but nothing can make it difficult for you once you get used to it and become more proficient. Appropriate acceleration and deceleration through dangerous roads, pulling the lever and shifting gears with ramps, flexible control of left and right with the steering wheel, all truck controls are displayed right on your gaming device making it easier for you to control the truck.


Not only you face tough challenge with dangerous roads but also other big vehicles. You need to show your extreme control of the steering wheel to avoid collisions with other large trucks, while ensuring that you do not hit obstacles on the road, such as signs or elephant holes on the surface. Street. In addition, the weather is also a challenge for you with erratic changes during your adventure with the truck, when it rains, the vehicle makes the road very slippery and more observant so you should adjust the speed accordingly. suitable to not slip off the road surface.


The amount of money you collect depends on your calm mastery of speed and skill of steering through the challenges of the game. Use the money to invest and upgrade the truck with many beautiful designs, countless modern and outstanding colors along with an extremely rich truck shape model to make it easier for you to choose. time out. There are more than 30 different types of vehicles for you to choose from, each of which belongs to a series of vehicles from different countries and equivalent to different functions. Choose the most suitable truck to accompany each stage of your adventure.


With a fully functional and extremely good truck, you can use it to increase your income by receiving lots of delivery orders. The larger the number of people who hire you to transport the goods, the more money you will earn, helping to increase the amount of your income. Enhance your credibility and reliability with your customers by delivering your goods safely throughout the journey. All the goods on the vehicle are in charge of you, be a truck driver with the ability to control the speed of transporting goods to the safest warehouse.


Relieve the pressure of income by spending time with other trucks in small races. Show that you are the driver with the ultimate steering wheel skills to knock other vehicles on the track, using the best functionality of the truck you have at the top of the truck race. organize exchanges.


Besides transporting goods on your truck to safety, during the whole adventure with the truck, enjoy and admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. You will pass through crowded and bustling places, through quiet places with two trees by the roadside. In addition, your truck also goes through familiar places on a daily basis such as toll stations, gas stations… Discover the authentic scenery with each step you move.


To create a beautiful landscape and a series of extreme car models, it is definitely necessary to mention the top 3D graphics of this game. The diverse colors combined with the details in the game are designed with each stroke very realistically, making you feel like you are driving a truck in the true sense of the word. The sound of the truck’s engine is clearly audible to bring the feeling of driving the truck even more realistically, it will be interesting if you wear a headset when experiencing the game.


  • Experience truck driving completely free with the latest version in 2022.
  • Dozens of truck models with diverse features and rich vehicle types.
  • Earn easy income with your truck driver qualifications.
  • Beautiful 3D design graphics, and sounds provide a great experience.
  • Explore different landscapes from Asia to Europe.

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