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TuneIn Pro Mod APK v30.4 (Pro/Mod Extra)

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App Name TuneIn Pro
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Version 30.4
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TuneIn Pro MOD APK is the best radio app for your phone. But not only that, but the application also offers many excellent programs, keeps you entertained while your eyes don’t need to keep looking at the phone screen.

TuneIn Pro MOD APK

Nowadays we have a lot to have fun in our spare time. You can read books, play a certain game, or watch photos and videos for entertainment. However, if you feel a bit tired, then opening your eyes for entertainment will not be of much use anymore. Now you need audio entertainment content such as music, podcasts, radio,… For radio, the application available on the phone is quite enough for your needs. It can search for local channels, you just have to select it to play immediately. But it relies heavily on radio waves, which can easily be lost once you leave its range. You need a better radio app to help you out with this problem. TuneIn Pro: Live Sports, News, Music & Podcasts could be a big name. The application uses the internet, which is the same thing everywhere in the world. Now you can enjoy the shows anywhere in the world. Without being too concerned whether you are in their coverage or not.

Easy to use and manipulation

At first glance at the home screen of the application, you will see that it is quite similar to the music streaming applications currently on the market. Radio, podcast, news, sports, and music channels are organized into icons on the display. Just select one of them, the application will switch to the player to help you hear its content through your headset or audio device.

Listening to the radio is not just when you’re relaxed. You can completely hear them while doing something, such as driving. The app has an option to use while driving, the app buttons will become extremely loud. You don’t need to pick up your phone to read details anymore. You can easily select content on the screen with the other hand still holding the steering wheel of the car.

Search for local programs

The content on the application covers over 197 different countries, the number of available radio channels is over 100.000 AM and FM channels. So choosing to listen to any content is also a difficult thing. The search function will be useful in this case. When you use to search, the app identifies the region you are in, bringing that local content to the fore. Next is the places you’ve been in, though, which helps you easily choose the content you want to hear more about.

Record your favorite shows

Radio programs are rarely recorded, because they play day and night, and there are so many different channels. So if you want to find a favorite show that is already on the radio, it will be difficult. But with your favorite program recording function, you can record it while you’re listening normally. The recordings will be stored in the phone and you can listen to the recording again using the app whenever you like.

TuneIn Premium service

If you are a normal person, using the application in your spare time, the free content is quite complete. But if you love to listen to the radio and use it for a long time. You will definitely want a better experience than what the free version has to offer. The application provides TuneIn Premium services. You will have access to all the premium content of the app such as game channels, music channels, or special programs. The price tag looks pretty high, around $ 10 for a month of use. But with all the extra content, you will find it not a bit tall.

TuneIn Pro MOD APK Version

The app is currently on sale on Google Play for around $ 10. It has removed all the ads from the free version and unlocked some premium features. However, if you do not have a big wallet, use our TuneIn Pro MOD APK. The version is slightly modified to support more phone lines and adds more languages ​​than the original. And of course, you can download it for free.

Download TuneIn Pro MOD APK for Android

With all the great features it has available, and the support of the MOD version, this is definitely a bargain for the radio fanatic. Or you want to support the developer, you can choose to purchase the app directly on Google Play when possible. If you have any difficulties, questions during the installation, and experience of the application, do not forget to share with us in the comments section of the article.

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