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An extremely engaging social simulation game called USSR Simulator MOD APK. This is a game for Android mobile devices. Publisher Hippo seems to have breathed a new breath into the Simulation game genre. Rarely do we see historical elements integrated into such an attractive game?

About USSR Simulator MOD APK

If you’re a history buff, you’ve probably heard about the Soviet five-year plans. This was the golden age of socialism when people produced a lot of material wealth. Not only the people’s living standards have been improved, but the socialist system has also been consolidated. Those five-year plans transformed the Soviet Union from a backward agricultural country into a socialist industrial power. So what do you think if you are the one to implement that plan? What industries will you promote and what products will you create? Don’t wait any longer, quickly join the USSR Simulator to discover it!

USSR Simulator MOD APK

The plot incorporates historical elements

As I introduced earlier, USSR Simulator is a game built on a plot that has a real history. From the 1920s onwards, the Soviet Union emerged as the leading country of the socialist regime. To develop a strong defense potential, a good economic foundation is required. Therefore, the Soviet Union has continuously implemented five-year plans that have brought about many great achievements in terms of economy, culture – education, and society. Productivity of this country is always high, people actively increase production. That period achieved many great achievements, especially in industry. In the USSR Simulator, you will transform into a Soviet official. Make up your own way to implement 5-year plans for the most success.

A new way to play

What would be the duties of a Soviet official during this period? That is to give production plans to people, set a certain target for them to fulfill the target you set. From food, food or textiles, footwear, mining,… All these industries are under your control. If you want to promote the textile industry, you set it to the highest level. However, players must think and know how to balance input materials with output products. It will not be possible to force people to produce costumes if you do not provide them with fabric as input. Let’s balance production across industries to make sure no industry is too weak. In addition, USSR Simulator allows players to collect taxes to operate the state apparatus. This apparatus will implement mechanisms to protect the people, suppress rebels, and adversely affect socialism.

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Simple interface

I will not appreciate the graphics of the USSR Simulator because it is really very simple. The main interface will display information about the official representing you, including the level of function, the achievements achieved, the success level of the 5-year plan,… There is also a Rating that represents the main interface. Does your policy make people satisfied, if they feel that you are exploiting labor, unfair treatment between classes, the Rating will be very low? USSR Simulator also displays information about production output, their value when converted to money, the tax rate that you collect. Swiping to the right will be where you install the manufacturing industries, each circle represents a manufacturing industry. USSR Simulator allows players to produce and earn money from 50 different activities simultaneously. However, not from the beginning, you will own all 50 production cells. You must be leveled up to unlock the next cells. The more production cells, the higher your chances, the bigger the output you will get.

Captivating sound

One thing that many players are impressed with about USSR Simulator is the type of background music that this game uses. Songs without lyrics but with a heroic revolutionary spirit. It makes us feel the urge to increase production, proceed as quickly as possible with the policies set out. In other words, players seem to be reliving that powerful Soviet era.

USSR Simulator MOD APK for Android


In addition to the positive points, the game also received some comments reflecting that they had problems opening the USSR Simulator or were playing but froze. However, the publisher Hippo has constantly improved to increase the quality of the experience for players. USSR Simulator still receives thousands of downloads and mostly 5-star comments from people who have participated.

Currently, USSR Simulator has been released for free download on Google Play Store. However, if you want to reduce the number of ads encountered as well as freely buy more items without losing money, then use the USSR Simulator MOD APK version that we provide. I bet you will have unforgettable entertainment moments.

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