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Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v6.1.0 (Latest Version) Download

Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack APK v6.1.0 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 10-07-2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Vera Outline Black: Icon Pack
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Do you love simple yet trendy? Use Vera Outline Black APK to change the look of your phone. It’s still the same device, but when you change the interface, it will definitely give you a sense of excitement. This application is suitable for all Android mobile devices. In addition to icon packs, there are wallpapers that are stored in the cloud. Users can freely choose and change at any time. With popular apps that are used by many, there are more than one sample per app, no worries you won’t find what you love. Our APK (Paid/Patched) version is completely free to download, unlocking all features.


Here users are provided with 3767+ icons, 30 wallpapers and 8 KWGT with various styles. The icon packs template has a common feature that is drawn with a black border and is completely colorless. This means that you should use wallpapers with bright colors, which will make the icon stand out on the screen. The publisher has promised that there are many more updates to come, so the models will be more and more diverse. It is recommended to leave the icon with 80%-90% size in the launcher settings for the best experience. The icon templates and the desktop are all high resolution, even if the user changes the size, it will not affect the quality.


Vera Outline Black has a tutorial for new users on how to install and change icons. First, you need to make sure you have a satisfactory and supported launcher. If your launcher doesn’t support changing icons, it’s not the app’s fault. To change an icon, hold down on it and select change. The application automatically understands the user’s commands and leads you to a suggested list of similar icons for that application. Manually changing each icon will make more users satisfied.


This is a unique feature of the publisher Vera Outline Black. There will be an application that does not yet have a sample icon on the application’s platform. Please send a design request to the publisher. If 10 people have the same icon design request, the application will quickly provide a template. But if there are only 1-2 people requesting that response will not be processed. However, don’t be afraid to send feedback to the publisher. They are always ready to listen and absorb your ideas.

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