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Viking Kingdom MOD APK v0.8 (Menu: High DMG)

Viking Kingdom MOD APK v0.8 (Menu: High DMG)

Updated: 24-10-2022 (2 years ago)
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Viking Kingdom
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Menu: High DMG
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About Viking Kingdom MOD APK

Are you a fan of Viking culture? Then surely you cannot ignore Viking Kingdom MOD APK. This is an extremely attractive role-playing game, allowing players to participate in many activities. A world completely different from reality. Players take on the role of a hero whose task is to protect the tree from the attacks of monsters. It is not as easy as you think, it takes a lot of resources, weapons and skills to prepare. Not only fighting, you also need to survive in this natural place. You will understand the Viking way of life, experience the feeling of hunting, create your own weapons or build your own place. Many other fascinating things are waiting for you to discover.

Fascinating storyline

As I introduced at the beginning, Viking Kingdom will lead players with a scene of the Viking world at risk. During the Ragnarok Age, the Vikings worshiped the tree that kept them alive. The places where there are magic trees are places where people can live and survive for a long time. However, recently a certain dark force has destroyed the magic tree, these trees are gradually becoming extinct. It is imperative that someone stand up to prevent this situation, that person is you. As a powerful character, you are determined to devote to your tribe. Let’s gather everyone to protect the magic tree.

Build a village and make weapons

Grow your life in locations close to the magic tree. Collect resources such as wood from trees, stones from mountains to build shelters. Gather other villagers in the same location to facilitate combat. The monsters will also be active around this area and ready to attack. So you also need to make weapons. Unlock the smithy and create the latest weapons with the resources you have.

Fight with monsters

To fight monsters, actively move to find them or defend when they attack the village. The reward for each time you kill a monster is a lot of resources. Even with giant bosses, there are extremely rare stones. They are essential for you to create weapons with greater attack power. In addition to weapons, you can also place defensive towers around the magic tree, which will automatically shoot rocks at monsters when they attack.

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