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Join the battle with the top generals in Warhammer Quest MOD APK. This is a strategy game suitable for teens age. Set in a time of turmoil, the world is divided into parts and forces are competing with each other. On the righteous side, players need to gather heroes, train them and build an invincible squad to conquer those rebel rebels. To get the best generals, the highest level weapons, you will spend a lot of money. But don’t worry because the unlimited money feature that our MOD version provides will make it easy for you to get everything you want. MOD version for all Android mobile devices.


Do you want to test your skills in managing your own battle squad? If you haven’t found the right game yet, let me introduce you to Warhammer Quest. This game is considered to have a relatively attractive plot. Only those with good tactics can maintain their army. But you have many opportunities to try so don’t hesitate. The game of publisher Perchang since its launch has attracted thousands of participants.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower


Set in the Sigmar era, every image or character in Warhammer Quest has a magical part. However, the most important thing here is the strategy you use in the game. Usually, you will have to arrange a formation of three or five characters next to each other. Let them fight together. Each character has a unique strength and stats. You need to understand these characteristics to arrange them to support each other, offset weaknesses and promote strengths.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower


Initially, when you first joined, Warhammer Quest only provided you with some basic characters. After a number of matches when you have leveled up and obtained certain rewards, you can unlock higher-level characters. That means the hero lineup will also be stronger. At the same time, you can also upgrade old characters to give them better combat stats.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower


To attract players, Warhammer Quest creates a daily quest mode that is constantly updated. If players persist in completing each day, they will receive great rewards. There is also a story play, where you will both perform battles and interact with the characters to know the story behind the battle.

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