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Update on March 31, 2023 (11 months ago)

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Final Outpost MOD APK is a fascinating strategy game, building a base and recreating life for people after the great zombie attack.

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  • Unlimited Resources: Use resources even when not enough
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Final Outpost



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Unlimited Resources

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Final Outpost has its own charm for players who love survival and combat. If you are tired of the usual battles and want to try something new, this game is not a bad choice. The player is the manager of everything in his territory. How to maintain the life of all the people and develop the defense system to prevent the attacks of zombies. Currently, the title of the publisher Exabyte Games has attracted 50K+ downloads on the Google Play Store. The game promises to bring you memorable moments of entertainment.


As I also introduced at the beginning, Final Outpost is about life after the world was hit by a virus and most people became zombies. The remaining survivors need to gather together. But they can’t last long in the outside world, requiring a safe base where normal life takes place. And this is also the task that players receive right after starting this game. Because you are the first to arrange the base, then collect the remaining survivors to fight the zombies together. Can the territory you build be maintained for a long time before the increasingly crowded zombie armies. Join quickly to test your strategic abilities.


When you first join, you are provided with a piece of land, around this area there are already barriers. In this area, the player begins to plant seeds to create a food source. In addition, collect more resources such as wood and stone to strengthen the protective walls. Initially, you only have a few inhabitants. Your task is to assign them. As you level up, you will unlock neighboring lands. This also means that your base is expanded. More resources to exploit, life will continue to develop if you are a good arranger.


Newcomers to your base are Unassigned, which means they haven’t been assigned any quests yet. Depending on your strategic goals, choose a position for them. There are different jobs in the base area such as blacksmith, hunter, worker, farmer, miner, knight, sniper, etc. Any position needs a person in charge to get the job done. If you find that there is a shortage of wall builders, add workers or lack of defenders for the base, add to the soldier position. Flexible management will create a system that works well and never lacks anything in the base.


There are different types of resources including food, food and materials used to build fences and make weapons. In addition to the selection of upgrades for the characters in the game, you can also choose to upgrade the tools they use to perform better missions. For example, strengthening creates bows and arrows for hunting, swords to kill zombies and picks and shovels to mine ores. Each type of tool requires different crafting ingredients, you need to collect enough to be able to create them.


What the player cannot control is the attack of zombies. Final Outpost challenges players by creating a variety of zombies. The higher you level up, the more you have to deal with zombies that are difficult to defeat, even giants. Besides, the attacks are increasingly crowded and dense. So, in addition to building a base and surviving, don’t forget about the combat mission. All villagers can only survive as long as your base stands. The pixel graphics of the game are very unique, but the details are not fully sketched. The publisher needs to improve in the future to attract players.


  • Joining Final Outpost you will be able to form a new life for everyone in the base to avoid the attack of zombies.
  • Day and night parameter modes, weather, time of day, different types of zombies create challenges for players.
  • Manage and assign tasks to your inhabitants, unlocking and training them in the necessary expertise.
  • Upgrade equipment, tools used to exploit resources, weapons to fight zombies.
  • The game has a system that evaluates each player’s stats so that you know how to improve what you lack.
  • Have a long-term management strategy and face the crisis if there is a famine, zombies can penetrate the inner circle of the base.

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