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Zombie Shooter: Offline Game MOD APK v5.9 (God Mode, No Ads)

Zombie Shooter: Offline Game MOD APK v5.9 (God Mode, No Ads)

Updated: 11-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Zombie Shooter: Offline Game
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God Mode, No Ads
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Zombie Shooter: Offline Game MOD APK (Ace Zombie Shooter) takes players to a terrifying island where the zombie virus has transformed everyone, fighting for survival and returning to warn everyone.

Zombie Shooter: Offline Game (Ace Zombie Shooter) includes violent elements, so it is only recommended to be suitable for ages 16 and up. This is a game from the publisher Modern Zombie Games, this game has a popular PC version. Now, the mobile version has been released with many original features, promising to bring players the most attractive matches. Humans fight zombies, using guns as their main weapon. You must do to survive the terrible nights when zombies are constantly transforming stronger. Quickly join to find the answer.


To be able to leave this island, you must overcome all the battles and destroy the zombies. Zombie Shooter: Offline Game will have many levels from easy to difficult for players to get used to and then show their best. You need a gun to fight. There are different types such as pistols, players can hold both hands to shoot. Or an AKM gun with an extended magazine to deal with when zombies are constantly attacking you and there is a high risk of being surrounded. The arsenal of weapons is diverse, try all the guns.


If the repetitions are too easy, it will make the game very boring. In order not to encounter this error, Zombie Shooter: Offline Game designed very different types of zombies. There are mutant zombies that move at a very fast speed, players need to defeat it from afar. Or there are also giant zombies, their weakness is slow movement. But the player must shoot many times to completely defeat the giant zombie.


Zombie Shooter: Offline Game allows players to observe from a first-person perspective for the most realistic feeling. There is even a zombie shooting mode at night that requires players to have infrared aiming. The control screen includes a scroll key in the left corner. The right corner will have a fire button, turn on the viewfinder and change posture. Pay attention to reloading and always in a ready position. If you are about to be surrounded, use grenades to destroy the large number and have a chance to defend.


  • Zombie Shooter: Offline Game is the hottest offline fighting action game for your Android mobile device.
  • No need to turn on mobile data or have wifi, anytime you have free time turn on Zombie Shooter: Offline Game and relax.
  • Fight zombies with different weapons, buy and own the latest guns.
  • The increasing difficulty means that you need to work harder to win.

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