Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK v4.5.123 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Zombie Tsunami
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Version 4.5.123
Size 69M
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Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to be able to use money, diamonds comfortably to upgrade and unlock more Zombies. Attack every city with your massive army of zombies.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK, players will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade all accessories. Moreover, you can also unlock more Zombies, to start the game itself with more Zombies. Using money to upgrade many skill indicators helps to extend the time to use them.

Zombie Tsunami has been developed by Mobigame since 2012. So far, the game has achieved more than 100 million installs on Google Play. This game has become more and more popular on mobile devices and has never been forgotten.

Zombie Tsunami is an extremely interesting entertainment game. In it, humans will be the main target that zombies pursue. The rapid spread of disease is accompanied by the growth of hordes of zombies. They devour the people along the way and turn them into zombies. In the game, players are no longer the protectors of the city. They will transform into zombies and join the army destroying the city.


In the beginning, you are just a tiny zombie. After being taken to the big cities, players start earning more teammates by devouring those who are on the way. Zombie Tsunami takes the plot when the world is attacked by a zombie epidemic that spreads like a tsunami. Moreover, these ferocious zombies turn all obstacles along the way into their food. However, the special thing is that instead of players being superheroes saving the world, they are played as zombies.

All you have to do is control the zombies to devour the people of the city. Avoid the obstacles that are on the way by touching the touch screen. There will be a few who will remain on cars, airplanes. You need to collect enough zombies to be able to swallow these vehicles. Moreover, there will be many holes that you have to jump over. If not careful, you can destroy all the zombies that you have built.

Unlock and upgrade

Along the way, players will have the opportunity to collect gold. Use gold to unlock more accessories for zombies (Your character). There are some popular accessories such as Bottle caps of zombies, Hair tufts, Cowboy hats, Hair claws,…

Moreover, players can upgrade zombies to get more zombies when starting. There is a maximum of 4 zombies that allow the player to upgrade. Players have the opportunity to destroy more vehicles when starting the game. Quickly reach the highest score.

Upgrade time for tsunamis to be able to sweep the city as quickly as possible. Tsunamis will destroy all obstacles in the way. Along the way, you’ll find many secret boxes. You will have the opportunity to transform into a Ninja with the skill to use a proficient sword. Slash every obstacle along the way. Or can transform into a giant Zombie. Destroy all obstacles with his laser eye.

There are a few other important upgrades that we haven’t mentioned yet. Players can explore by participating in the Zombie Tsunami experience. Don’t forget, the MOD version of Zombie Tsunami will give you unlimited money and diamonds for unlocking and upgrading.

Travel all around the world

Zombie Tsunami will take players to travel around fascinating places around the world. Players will be passing beautiful beaches to attract more tourists to the beach. Cross the sunny and windy desert. There are 11 locations for players to explore. You will not be bored while playing forever in the city full of death anymore.

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK for Android

We can say Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is a game with attractive gameplay. Players will be able to participate in endless runs like Subway Surfers on Android devices. Moreover, with our MOD version, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and unlock them all. What are you waiting for without owning this interesting game yet?

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