Zombie War
Zombie War

Zombie War Mod APK v173 (Unlimited Money)

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App Name Zombie War
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Version 173
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Zombie War MOD APK is an exciting strategy game that brings players to a post-apocalyptic world where the majority of humans have turned into scary zombies. Only you and your teammates stand up to destroy the epidemic and bring peace to humanity.

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In sci-fi movies, the scenes of death always attract the majority of viewers by a mixture of horror and charisma. There are many topics that have been applied to the games, but zombies are still a topic that cannot be ignored in classic movies like Zombie 2 (1979). So far, this theme is still being applied by many filmmakers, and horror titles like Zombie Hunter D-Day or Stay Alive always have something that attracts a large number of players. And in this article, we want to introduce to everyone a completely new name, which is Zombie War Idle Defense Game. This game has a strategic genre mixed with attractive RPG gameplay. With this very simple gameplay, it will definitely give you great entertainment.


Scientific and technological inventions are under remarkable improvement. But little is known about the flip side of these achievements as events that could endanger the destruction of mankind. In a secret laboratory, experiments to revive the dead are underway. Unfortunately, this experiment has released a new virus that can turn humans into zombies. They spread at a dizzying rate, affecting the global economy and most of all, the lives of people in danger. You and your teammates among the survivors are tasked with fighting the raging zombies. With the goal of bringing peace to the world.


Players and their warriors will have to equip a fence, preventing each attack of Zombies. Use destructive weapons to aid you in destroying Zombies. The zombies are trying to reach where humans live and exist. Their goal is to bring the epidemic to as many people as possible. However, brave warriors will not let them do that. Use weapons and touch the screen to attack enemies from a distance. Players can use these weapon upgrades to increase the damage level and reach the Zombie hordes, which will help you and your allies complete the mission quickly.

In the beginning, the number of Zombies is quite small, making you feel that this game is easy to play and not as difficult as imagined. However, after that, the number of zombies increased dramatically, making you and your teammates extremely busy. At this point, you will find it much more difficult when ordinary weapons do not use their full strength. Players need to unlock more weapons and upgrade their power in the store. Use bonuses after each game to expand your arsenal. At higher levels, the bounty will be much larger.


Armament is an indispensable part of strategy games. To fight each Zombie attack, you need to use the right weapons for the match. This game has an extremely massive weapon system for players to choose from. You can find familiar weapons from pistols, rifles, submachines, machine guns… All of them have their own power, you need to combine weapons and your teammates to take advantage of Use strength in the most sensible way, win in all situations. If you are worried about the weapon is not strong enough, you can also upgrade them to become stronger in the equipment section. Players need to collect gears to be able to upgrade weapons, each weapon will require a number of different gears to complete the upgrade. However, you don’t need to worry about this. In the Zombie War MOD (Unlimited Money) version that we offer, buying items and upgrading weapons will become easier than ever.


Brave warriors are the ones who give life to mankind. This game offers players countless choices about warriors. Each warrior has a stat, role, strength, and different fighting skills. Therefore, you need to understand all about your warrior before using it for each battle. Some warriors you can easily get in the first stages like Bigdaddy – a guy with the ability to use a pistol to attack enemies, with the ability to increase fire rate in the long run. And there are a few more warriors like Punker, Squirrel… Of course, in strategy games, players can upgrade the strength of each of their characters. Use the money collected from battles to upgrade warriors to increase strength. You can also use cards of the same type to level up from one star to two stars.

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