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AdGuard Premium MOD APK is a powerful ad blocker app for Android phones. Ads will no longer bother you as long as the application is enabled in your device.


Internet is now almost an indispensable part of modern life, the applications you use every day, the content you still read and watch are taken from the Internet. There is no denying the great effects of the Internet, but their use is also potentially unsafe. You may have data stolen, tracked, or bothered with a lot of ads. These are almost only the most visible dangers of using the Internet. There are many other dangers, it works silently and you won’t know if it’s affecting you. If you are not a network security expert, detecting and handling them is not possible. You need a tool for you to do this, that protects you from dangers but also does not prevent you from accessing a lot of other healthy information on the Internet. AdGuard for Android is one such application, a specialist application for Android devices, protecting you from malicious content on the Internet.

Effective ad blocking

The most famous function, also the one where you can clearly feel the difference before and after using this app is to block ads. Initial ads are great when they show consumers products they might want. But gradually they become too much, too big, bothering users’ mobile experience. So they need to be cleaned, this application can remove the ads of every application on your phone, ensuring you the smoothest use of your phone.

For apps where their developer places reasonable ads, doesn’t affect your experience. You can order AdGuard not to block those apps’ ads.

Protect your information

Sometimes websites or applications will ask you for personal information in order to perform a job. If you do not pay attention, they will lose information for improper purposes. This application protects your information from prying hands, if you want to give information to someone, you need to confirm again in this application, of course, all risks of providing information. All information is listed in detail by this application.

Firewall protection

Your danger can come from all directions, one of which is that as long as you visit the site, you are in danger. This app has a list of extremely dangerous websites. Every time you intend to visit, this application protects you by preventing you from accessing that website. Malicious applications are also one of the dangers. AdGuard will prevent these apps from accessing sensitive device rights such as Internet access, memory read and write permissions, etc. Every time you want the app to be able to use these permissions, you need to allow them in AdGuard. Your activity history is also recorded to help you check back later.

High security

This is not an anonymous application, developed by the AdGuard company. The application has had millions of installs from all versions such as Windows computer, Mac computer, Android phone, iPhone phone. What prevents this app from officially appearing on Google Play is because its effect is to block all ads. Mobile ads are now largely powered by Google.

AdGuard Premium MOD APK version

Although not available on Google Play, but you can download it for free on the official website of the app. The free version will let you use all the features, protecting you for 7 days from the time you start using it. After that time, you’ll have to pay extra to be able to continue. If you do not have a big wallet, you can use our AdGuard Premium MOD APK. The modified version unlocks the Premium feature, and you will be protected forever without paying a penny.

Download AdGuard Premium MOD APK for Android

Ads and hazards are not standing still, and each passing day becomes stronger and more dangerous. They have ways to bypass even the best protective shields. So these shields must also be constantly upgraded to better protect you. Paying for apps is one way to make the shield even stronger, use the official app and pay if you can. Don’t forget to share your experience again after using the app to let us know in the comments section of the article.

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