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Animal Warfare MOD APK v3.0.2 (Menu, God Mode)

Animal Warfare MOD APK v3.0.2 (Menu, God Mode)

Updated: 22-04-2024 (3 months ago)
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Animal Warfare
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Menu, God Mode
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About Animal Warfare MOD APK

An interesting game with an animal theme that you definitely cannot ignore called Animal Warfare MOD Menu APK. It talks about the war between animals interwoven with elements related to combat tactics. According to common sense, you would think that a goose cannot win against a wolf. But coming to this game, your thinking completely changes, it depends on the factor of quantity. Maybe a goose can’t beat a wolf. But the whole flock of geese together attack will surely win. Winning in this game depends a lot on the player’s calculation. It is so interesting that only on Google Play Store there are 10M+ downloads. Lots of compliments along with a relatively high rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Form a battle formation

Animal Warfare requires players to create a squad with the participation of many animals or a single animal. As I said at the beginning, it depends on the strategy you come up with. Maybe at first when you don’t own many animals, you need to rely on the power of numbers. A giant red fox also has to succumb to the birds if the number of birds is too large. You can put up to 100 animals in your squad. But the amount of gold you have will limit that because you can only multiply the amount based on the amount of money you have. The reward you receive will be greater than the amount you spent.

Unlock and upgrade animals

A whole collection of animals from the most familiar to the wild animals are waiting for you to discover. Animal Warfare for players to unlock animals at the lowest level is one star. Players need to spend money to upgrade, or if they do not use money, they must rely on combat experience. The more you participate in combat, the more experience you gain. Own all animals like lion, tiger, leopard, elephant, crocodile, rabbit, giraffe, etc.

Unlimited Challenges

Animal Warfare builds on thousands of levels, fighting non-stop. Each level has an unexpected transformation, new enemies will appear. They may be stronger than you, but don’t be discouraged, but strengthen the animals you have. The best thing is that everyone can join this game in offline mode. Anywhere, anytime as long as you are free without worrying about internet connection. The publisher restricts ads to disturb the player’s experience.

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