The Walking Dead Survivors
The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead Survivors Mod APK v3.15.4 (One Hit, God Mode)

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App Name The Walking Dead Survivors
Mod Features One Hit, God Mode
Version 3.15.4
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The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK is a recently released strategy game at the top of 2021 users’ choice, developed and produced by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. The game is about survival, challenging players. True to the game’s name, the game has a spooky, macabre color that brings players to heart-pounding moments through the story The Walking Dead from Skybound Entertainment with many seasons. The game is now available on Google Play, which many gamers highly appreciate for its features.

The fictional plot offers a challenging experience

The Walking Dead Survivors has a straightforward story to help players discover the truth after each challenge; the game takes players from one unexpected situation to another through five characters. Maya, who serves with an intelligent military mindset and an experienced jute gunman, Vayne is a fraud, who has a complicated past, so he is a high-willed fighter. Besides them are three companions: Rick, Glenn, Michon.

The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK

The game is set in the zombie pandemic when humans reach the time of extinction. They must fight back against the zombies who are always stalking them to attack and eat them. Rick is the main character, and he stands up to lead the survivors of the world’s booming zombie epidemic. The characters in the game must try to survive, defend themselves.

The great destiny of the players

At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a hidden place; the player’s task is to protect the shelter and expand many new lands to find more people who still exist. The items during the discovery are so important that you can open up new land from which to build farms to provide food for survivors. Establish military training zones to be able to withstand the attacks of the ghosts out there. Not only that, every time you explore the new land, you will recruit new warriors and medical treatment for them to recover so that they can fight again.

The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK for Android

This is a tactical game; in addition to recruiting new members, you also have to build your residence a good defense system to prevent the sudden attacks of zombies out there; by building solid walls, placing the levers, obstacles. Your whereabouts will be threatened regularly, so players need to improve the skills of their warriors. In addition, you need to build yourself a tight society to become a clan from which to fight, expand more territory against the Negan gang.

Simple but highly tactical gameplay

The player collects spicy stems by chopping down cancer trees around the discovered site. Here the items are quite simple; players like stepping on the period of human exploration, each medicinal works creates different amounts of wood collected and different construction times. The taskbar located on the left corner of the screen will give the task while also guiding you on what to do next. After each assigned task, you will receive the default reward.

The Walking Dead Survivors MOD APK download

The Walking Dead Survivors is a horror, but full of discovery will help players go through many different emotions. With highly sharp graphics, engaging storylines have attracted many players. To have more objective comments, gamers, let’s download the game and have more multi-way comments!

Key features:

-The game is based on a compelling, highly logical storyline
-Extreme graphics with small details
-Simple operation
-The game carries highly tactical strategies, challenging the thinking ability of players

Download (720M)
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