Top War: Battle Game
Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game APK (Latest Version) v1.358.0

App Name Top War: Battle Game
Version 1.358.0
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Top War: Battle Game APK – where you become the commander of an entire army, who is tasked with constantly expanding his territory and army barracks.

About Top War: Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game APK is a game set in wartime. In it, players will have the task of controlling their soldiers to carry out missions, and confronting other opponents who are stalking to take over your territory. There are many interesting things about this game waiting for you to discover. The game of the publisher Topwar Studio since its launch, has attracted hundreds of thousands of participants. The new style of strategy makes anyone who participates in it will love it. Most of the players left positive comments.


Top War: Battle Game is not like other casual strategy games. Players when participating will have to consider a lot of different factors from facilities to the number of soldiers, weapons, or the level of the base. The player begins each level with a soldier on an island drifting in the middle of the ocean. You need to quickly control this soldier to exploit the resources available on the island to strengthen the base. After a certain time, the original base can grant you another soldier. Or maybe you immediately encounter another enemy. If the enemy is weaker than you, you will conquer them, which means that everything such as soldiers and resources belongs to you. Sounds fascinating, right? Are you ready for your commanding duty or not.


This is one of the top important tasks that players need to keep in mind when participating in Top War: Battle Game. The more resources you earn, such as wood and stone, the faster you can upgrade your existing base. Up to a higher level, these bases also train better quality soldiers. For example, at first you only have a small soldier with a simple one-shot shotgun. Then when the base level up, you will get more advanced soldiers with more powerful guns. Even up to the high level, the base can produce tanks to fight. These are the things that are absolutely necessary to increase your chances of winning.


In addition to upgrading the base, there is another way to upgrade the soldiers. That is to combine soldiers of the same level together to get a higher level soldier. But to do this you need to really consider. Because in any corner of the island you are occupying, the enemy can attack. If the army is too small, when attacked by many enemies at the same time, it is necessary to disperse the force to fight or else you will lose.


Every time you destroy another army in Top War: Battle Game, it means that the territory of that army belongs to you. Your island is getting bigger and bigger. With many collected resources, players can completely build another base. Placing these bases in different locations on the territory can allocate the position of the first sentinel more.


Top War: Battle Game creates many modes for players to unleash their wartime tactical talents. Fight with other online players, fight with monsters is the force of darkness that is constantly attacking. There is also a server battle mode for players to practice their skills. Do not belittle when playing with the machine, because if your strategy is not good, failure is not too surprising.


Top War: Battle Game does not focus too much on graphic development. All the details of this game are drawn very simply but it is just enough for the player to grasp the conveyed content. A special feature is the colorful design with many outstanding colors, very eye-catching bright colors. Teams are distinguished from each other based on color, when another team is captured by you, all of their territories will pool with you and take on your color.


  • Top War: Battle Game is rated as one of the most engaging combat strategy games on mobile phones.
  • Online game with the participation of players from all over the world so the challenge for you is unlimited.
  • Diverse mission system combined with many events taking place every week, creating rankings to compete between players.
  • Taking the war period as the backdrop, the task of building bases and armies is on top, the more you fight, the stronger your army becomes.
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