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Archero MOD APK v6.0.1 (Menu, High DMG/HP)

Archero MOD APK v6.0.1 (Menu, High DMG/HP)

Updated: 19-07-2024 (5 days ago)
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Menu, High DMG/HP
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Takedown all opponents and become one of the strongest archers in Archero Mod Menu APK (High DMG/HP). Download and experience this incredibly fun gameplay RPG on your Android device via our link below.

About Archero MOD APK

However, the original version of this game also makes us “addicted” by it. To increase the game’s appeal, we have updated a modified version of Archero. In this version, the player will become immortal and the damage has been pushed up to absolute. This makes it easier for players to breathe in intense fighting.

I am quite impressed with publisher Habby. This is not a famous publisher, even the number of games released is less than others. But their games are unique and attract a lot of downloads, such as Slidey: Block Puzzle, Flaming Core… It can be said, Habby always focuses on the quality that each work released, rather than Race with numbers or trends. And today, I will introduce to you the latest Habby game called Archero. And as expected, despite being recently released, Archero has earned a lot of positive reviews. Let’s find out what this game has about it!

Become the best archer

As mentioned above, in Archero your goal is to become the best archer and protect your kingdom from the evil forces of darkness. However, the enemies are so many that you are alone, so please use your skillful archery skills to take out all of them as quickly as possible.

Many challenges are waiting for you

In each level, you will have to clash and overcome many different classes of monsters and they can hide everywhere. Do not be subjective and forget any place, because they can appear anywhere and even right behind you.

In addition to monsters, many challenges and difficult obstacles await you. Beware of moving traps, the rocks can shoot fireballs because of their extremely high damage.

The types of monsters in Archero

As my father once said, “knowing the enemy knows me, hundreds of victories”. It is the same in Archero. Because this game has many types of monsters and the ability to attack is quite diverse (for example, laser shot, melee attack…). If you know how they attack and then plan the move, the odds of winning will increase greatly.

Diverse context

Archero divided into several stages, each with different respective context. Your journey will move through many lands such as lava, dungeons… and of course they possess different terrain features. After completing a land, a door will appear and take you to a new land.

Skills and weapons

You will see when you fight monsters, gold coins will drop randomly. Use the collected gold coins to buy costumes and weapons for your character. You can also upgrade stats to increase the damage of weapons. This also allows you to shoot more arrows in one shot (up to 7 in one shot).


It is impossible not to mention these reliable companions on the battlefield. Your adventure will be less lonely in their presence. In addition, they can help you heal, attack enemies or even increase damage.

As for the character’s skills are quite diverse, accompanied by eye-catching effects. Before starting a match, you can choose skills to suit your character and weapon.


Archero is not only an action game, but also a 3D graphics background enough for players to feel satisfied with the beautiful fighting on their mobile device. All characters in the game are beautifully designed and cute. This contributes to the attraction of the game which is addictive for the player.

Download Archero MOD APK for Android

Although the gameplay is not too new, but Archero is still extremely interesting and attractive to players. Are you curious how the game can do it? Click the download button and experience it yourself to give the answer.

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