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Arrow Fest MOD APK v11.1 (Unlimited Upgrades)

Arrow Fest MOD APK v11.1 (Unlimited Upgrades)

Updated: 12-03-2024 (4 months ago)
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Arrow Fest
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Unlimited Upgrades
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Arrow Fest MOD APK is an obstacle shooting game from the developer Rollic Games. To get more support while playing, you can download the MOD APK (Unlimited Upgrades) version. Download and experience this great game now.

About Arrow Fest MOD APK

If you love obstacle course action games, you can’t miss Arrow Fest. Your only goal is to shoot as many arrows as possible when coming to Arrow Fest. Surely this Game will help your idle time pass faster.

Simple gameplay

It’s not difficult for you to get used to Arrow Fest. Initially, the Game will give you an arrow. On the way will appear a lot of hands; your task is to move the character to the correct row to collect as many arrows as possible. On the way, many obstacles are doors with minus numbers. If you hit those doors, the number of hands will decrease to precisely the same number that appeared on the door. Sometimes you will see both doors appear simultaneously; then, you will have to choose the door with a smaller number and move quickly into that path.

Many unexpected challenges

There are not only doors as obstacles on the way, but you also have to pay attention to the dolls appearing on the road. They will block your arrows. If you don’t have enough hands and can’t stop them, it will be Game Over. Depending on the level of play, many different dolls will appear. They can be ordinary human dolls, monsters, knights, or even giants. You can tell by their appearance and size (e.g., giants have the most significant extent). And depending on the type, the number of arrows to defeat them is not the same. After completing the game screen, you will receive many attractive rewards, including the number of gold coins corresponding to your achievements.

Unique arrow collection

Arrow Fest conquers players with diverse challenges and a collection of many eye-catching arrows. Each type is designed with its exceptional style. Moreover, the attack power of the hands is not the same. The higher the level, the more endurance, and damage will increase. To fill up the arrow collection, you must complete a random group, then use the money to unlock a new arrow randomly.

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