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Astracraft MOD APK v0.100.131 (No)

Astracraft MOD APK v0.100.131 (No)

Updated: 28-09-2021 (3 years ago)
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Astracraft APK is a very new fighting adventure game for mobile phones. Not only enhancing fighting skills, but you can also unleash your creativity in this game. Among millions of players around the world, is there someone who thinks like you?

Introducing Astracraft

Creativity is an important part of life. It has helped us thrive from physical labor to today’s modern technology world. Each of us also has our own creative abilities. There are people who are good at creating tools, others are machines, works of art,… That is why our world is so colorful. Discovering our strengths in creativity is helping us find a job and hobby that suits us. But there is one where you will be almost impossible to get your hands on, creating weapons.


Weapons are a dangerous tool. So it needs to be created carefully, requiring a high level of expertise from the creator and also with permission from the government. At the same time, the cost is also extremely large, ordinary people cannot reach it. But in this Astracraft game, you will be the creators of your own weapons. Weapons of various shapes, attack power, and defense are all adjusted by one hand. Then fight with millions of other players around the world.

Unlimited creativity

The world of Astracraft is a much more modern world than we have today. Many state-of-the-art weapons are ready to stand with you, fight for victory against other players. But oh no! They are not complete weapons yet. They are weapon fragments such as gun fragments, missile fragments, wheel fragments, moving legs,… If you keep bringing them to the battlefield, they won’t be able to use them. In order to become a usable weapon, you need to put them together. But how to assemble this question can not be answered. You are free to create your own weapons out of those pieces. You want a machine gun weapon, let’s mount the machine gun for it. You want a rocket firing weapon, let’s mount a rocket on it. If you want both, why not add both.

Many components are available


Starting to be creative, you need to choose a frame for your weapon. There are many potty frames available. The frames are not required like this one to be an airplane, this one must be into a car. But choosing a frame will greatly affect the shape of the weapon and its ability to attack, defend, and move. The next step is to select the components to attach to the frame. The components are available like machine guns, rocket guns, wheels, movable legs,… And so many parts we can’t even tell if they exist in reality. Creativity with available components is the strength of this game. However, the components are not limitless. There will come a time when the parts of your stock have been fully installed. Now you are forced to join the fight, to win to unlock new components. Increase the power of your weapons.

Diverse combat modes


If you are a player that loves creativity. You can join creative game mode. You will create weapons that are not intended for combat, and show them off to other players to show off your creativity. Or, with friends, create better weapons when you make them alone.

And if you are a player who loves fighting. You can join the game’s battle mode. In this mode, you will use your weapons to battle with other players. There are many different options in this battle mode. An infinite battle is an option where you are constantly revived as soon as you are defeated, fight in an endless battle and the winner is the one who takes the most. Rumble mode, you will explore, collect loot on the map. Thereby upgrading your weapons to strength in the middle of the fierce battle. Storm mode is almost like playing Battle Royale. You are dropped into the arena with other players. The map is getting smaller and smaller and you have to fight or hide to become the last survivor. In team match mode, you can join a team of 3 members. Fight to protect your own area and invade your opponent’s area at the same time.

Nice 3D graphics

Set in high technology in the future. You will have nothing to complain about in the graphics quality of the game. All the weapons, maps, and objects in the game are futuristic. Carefully and detailed design. You can rotate objects to see them in more detail. The explosion effects in the game are also extremely spectacular. It feels like you’re fighting a real battle. Because of such investment in graphics, you will not be able to experience the game well on a device with too low configuration. Prepare yourself for a device with mid-range or higher power to join the world of Astracraft.

Astracraft APK Version

The game is released by NetEase Games on Google Play for free. However, the above version may not be available on your device due to insufficient configuration or your country does not allow it. If so, please choose our Astracraft APK version. The version is no different from the original, however, it is made available to all over the world to download and experience.

Download Astracraft APK for Android

This is a pretty good game for the phone. If you are confident in your own creativity, why not try the game and let others know how great you are. If you have any difficulties or questions during the installation, experience the game. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section of the article.

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