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Auto Hero MOD APK v1. (God Mode, No Ads)

Auto Hero MOD APK v1. (God Mode, No Ads)

Updated: 26-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Auto Hero
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God Mode, No Ads
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About Auto Hero MOD APK

Become a monster-slaying hero in Auto Hero MOD APK. Although it is an action game, the user does not need to move too much because your hero can shoot automatically. There are different types of maps that are unlocked in turn according to the player’s level. Not only that, you can also choose the hero and weapon you use. Things are going to get harder and harder, so always be prepared for the worst. The user can also take advantage of the terrain to dodge monster attacks. Flexible movement certainly has more advantages. You do not need to adjust the fire button of the gun because the weapon will fire itself within the target range of the monsters.

Fight the army of monsters

For players to get used to the gameplay, Auto Hero exposes you to a small number of monsters. They will move at a slow speed and you have complete control easily with the simplest weapons. Once you get used to it, the challenges become more and more interesting. The number of monsters increases, they move in swarms and attack you from any direction. For example, a swarm of man-eating bats attacks you in the jungle. Jump up the stairs to avoid a direct attack. During that time the weapon will automatically fire and destroy the monster. If you just stand still, you are at a disadvantage.

Unlock new characters and weapons

Auto Hero creates different hero images for players to choose from. Each has their own appearance and fighting style. But any character depends on how you control, try your best. Besides, don’t forget to change new weapons. Auto Hero has many unique gun models. They are designed inspired by modern guns. It may not look like real guns, but the combat effects are so nice, I bet you’ll be impressed.

Constantly upgrading to be stronger

Players really feel the difficulty of Auto Hero when you have to perform gun upgrades during the game. For example, don’t miss the help on your move. Items will help you get stronger weapons, shoot more bullets. Players cannot know in advance when monsters will attack in large numbers. Backup by using gold coins to upgrade guns during gameplay. Switch from single beam to automatic beam, radiating more directions. The more monsters you kill, the bigger the reward.

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