Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK v2.0 (Unlock Character, High Gold)

Update on January 22, 2024 (4 weeks ago)

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Bad Girls Wrestling Game


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Unlock Character, High Gold

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Become the strongest female wrestler in the game Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK. This is an Adventure game for players 12 years and older. The specific task of the player is to go to the arena and defeat other players. The latest MOD APK version of this game for Android mobile devices has been released, promising to bring players many great experiences. With the feature Unlimited gold coins, you will own all the characters you want. Not only that, you have to spend a lot of gold coins to upgrade your character’s skills before joining the fight. Don’t let finance become a worry, with the MOD version the reward you receive will be doubled. Just focus on the battle quest!

About Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK

Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK

Up until now, we only saw men in the arenas of hand-to-hand wrestling. So what about women? They are also very strong and capable of delivering decisive blows. If you don’t believe me, you must definitely download the Bad Girls Wrestling Game and experience it right away. Our superstar girls will create many beautiful scenes that you never expected. Participate in wrestling and boxing tournaments of different levels. They also competed for the top spot. It would be a pity if you missed it. Since appearing on the market, the game of the publisher Fighting Arena has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads. Also, thanks to its novelty when it comes to letting women show their strengths, most players love it and leave positive comments. The rating on Google Play Store reached 4.4/5 stars.

Choose your favorite female character

Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK

First, Bad Girls Wrestling will provide a default character for you. However, after a few matches, when you have earned money, you can completely go to the shop to unlock other characters. Players are also allowed to name the character. There are countless girls with different looks, bodies, and styles appearing in the collection. Unlocking in turn or accumulating money to open your favorite character depends on your choice. Regardless of the appearance, do not forget that the girls need to upgrade their skills to be able to fight well. Before entering the game, the parameters of the player and the opponent will appear, if it is lower than the opponent, you need to immediately upgrade to not lose. Do not regret spending money to invest, these girls will bring you much more money.

Multiple game modes

Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK

Bad Girls Wrestling is divided into different categories including four main categories: Story, MultiPlayer, Rumble Mode, Knockout. Each mode has a different way of fighting and is unlocked in turn when you reach the appropriate level. In which, the Story mode is the most basic and attractive battle mode. In this, players will go to the arena with another opponent. Launch your attacks and make sure to dodge the opponent’s attacks. You can come up with a strategy of constantly attacking without giving the opponent a chance or defending at first and then suddenly attacking so that the opponent can’t catch up. And KnockOut mode is knockout battles. Once you lose, you are completely out of the game, with no chance to fight again next time. It will be an extremely fierce group because most of the top female wrestlers are gathered here. In return, its reward is well deserved. The other two modes also have a lot of interesting things waiting for you to explore.

Simple control screen

Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK

Bad Girls Wrestling’s interface design is not too fussy to avoid confusing the player. A control screen when fighting will consist of two main parts. The left corner of the screen is a virtual steering wheel that moves the character in a direction. And the right corner is a combination of attack keys including low kick, high kick, punch, carry the opponent, and wrestle them to the floor,… Pay attention to moving flexibly between moves because it is timed. return. Although it only takes a few seconds, improvising is not good, the opponent has already defeated you before you have time to react. A smart strike strategy and knowing when to take the final blow will help you win faster.

Attractive graphics and sound

Bad Girls Wrestling Game MOD APK

In terms of graphics, Bad Girls Wrestling uses 3D graphics. The detailed drawings and the harmonious color combination have created a very lively character. Besides, the graphics quality is also very good. Ensure smooth and beautiful moves of the character. Besides, the sound of the game in addition to the beat that the character creates, there are also the cheers of the audience around the arena. All combine to make players feel like they are immersed in battle.

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